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How can I improve my pokemon team?

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I have a pokemon platinum and this is my pokemon
Torterra leaf storm,frenzy plant,stone edge,earthquake
Staraptor steel wing,close combat,brave bird,quick attack
Floatzel surf,ice beam,brick break,quick attack
Toxicroak X-Scissor,poison jab,revenge,Earthquake
Golem flamethrower,earthquake,stone edge,brick break
Glaceon ice beam,iron tail,shadow ball,secret power
so which move should I change

asked Jan 9, 2011 by brendan5417

2 Answers

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Torterra-Consider seed bomb instead of leaf storm. His attack is a lot better. Also, leech seed or rock polish works better than having two grass moves, so drop frenzy plant.

Staraptor-He's already pretty fast, so you don't really need a priority move. Instead, use Return for STAB, U-Turn for defense (also works great with close combat), or Roost to help with Brave bird.

Floatzel-He's probably better with a physical set. Ice punch and waterfall will do. Rain dance is great for the doubled speed, powers up his moves, and helps toxicroak, assuming he has dry skin. Aqua jet is a better choice if you don't like that, because it gets priority just like quick attack, but also gets STAB.

Toxicroak-Maybe have Swords dance instead of revenge. Sucker punch is good for his okay speed.

Golem-No special moves. So drop flamethrower. Explosion is a great last ditch move. If this is for in game playing, he's fine, but for competitive battling, I would switch him for a different wall pokemon. I'd suggest using Magnezone, who gets coverage from the rain by softening his fire weakness, as well as letting him use STAB thunder with 100% accuracy.

Glaceon-This works fine. If you're lucky enough to get hidden power [ground], you could cover rock and fire types that get the advantage.

All in all, consider using more support moves to balance your team out.

answered Jan 9, 2011 by DarkTyphlosion
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Meh...too much attacks...
Put in something protective, like a Bronzong with double screens.

answered Jan 9, 2011 by Kristza