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Help my Battle Subway Team

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This is my Super Single Team
Scarfty @Big Root

Lonely Nature(+Atk, -Def)
Role:Pyshsical Sweeper
-Drain Punch
-Dragon Dance
-Hi Jump Kick
-Head Smash

Excadrill @Life Orb

Ability:Sand Rush
Naughty Nature(+Atk, -Sp Def)
-Hone Claws
-Posion Jab
-Drill Run

Chandalure @Wise Glasses

Ability:Flame Body
Modest Nature(+Sp.atk, -Atk)
Role:Special Sweeper
-Calm Mind
-Energy Ball
-Heat Wave
-Shadow Ball

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Shinnnny :D

that looks like the one you answered on its movest the other day
;) -defintly keep drain punch and dragon dance maybe use ice punch instead of head smash covers fly and you dont loose hp
maybe also add a dark stab or fake out
i also suggest changing your item to something like muscle band or leftovers

i would use swords dance instead of hone claws seen as all your moves have full acc appart from drill run which is still 95acc so swords dance would be my choice also maybe swap poison jab for something like metal claw which has good power with swords dance also can raise atk

Chandalure sorry about the litwic image i think its better looking
so all looks good though flamethrower is more reliable but rest is good

i just noticed you have no evs so
Scrafty 4hp 252atk 252speed
Excadrill 252atk 4def 252speed
Chandalure 4hp 252spatk 252speed also run timid

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