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Ability: sand stream
EV's: 252atk/252spd/4def
adamant nature
-stone edge
-brick break

Ferrothorn@rocky helmet
Ability: iron barbs
EV's:4hp/ 252def/252sdef
sassy nature
-gyro ball
-leech seed
-power whip

Excadrill@ground gem
ability: sand rush
EV's 252atk/252 spd/4def
jolly nature
-rapid spin

Ability: steadfast
EV's 252hp/252atk/4spd
adamant nature
-brick break
-bulk up
-psycho cut
-close combat

EV's 252hp/126def/126sdef
calm nature
-shadow sneak
-pain split

Volcorona@shell bell
ability: flame body
EV's 252satk/252spd/4 def
sassy nature
-bug buzz
-quiver dance

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it is pretty good , but for ferrothorn i would swap ingrain for curse because you cant switch if you use ingrain plus you already have leech seed, also curse powers up gyro ball and power whip.

hope this helps

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