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Rate this team pls and give some pointers for wifi rotation

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Please give me feedback on my wifi rotation team

whimiscot: lvl 45. Ev no idea just usin for it's ability
Ability: prankster
Hp: 71 def 97 spatkk 79 spec def 77 speed 114 but more like over 9k
protect, grassehistle, substitute, leech seed
item: focus sash

I use him to put opp to sleep once that's done I either use sub or leech... His ability let's me go first

Salamence. My beast of a sweeper
lvl50 item: yache berry. Ev: 255 attk and speed
Hp:168 attk 204 def 100 spatk 108 sec def 100 speed 141
ability: intimidate
dragon dance, stone edge, earthquake, Draco meteor

usualy if whimscot succeeds I switch to him and use drag dance once is usualy enough to 1 shot most pokemon.. Ihave Draco merror cause I have low sp attk so it's power helps and I dnt care if it lowers my stat.

Nilotic. Tho it's rarely needed. Ev: 255 sp attk and def
item: leftovers ability: marvel scale..... Helps with a nice 50 points to def when I'm asleep which I usualy am

Hp: 162 attk 79 def 111 spatkk 145 spdef 148 speed 108
Moves: hydro pump blizzard rest sleep talk

usualy I use it to back up Sal or to take out sleeping grass or awake drags...

My fourth changes depending on opp team
Ferrothorn. Ev:got in trade. Ability: iron barb( helps against toxiced pokemon or unawares switch)

Won't give stats it's lvl70 high defs and good attk
Moves: iron def iron head protect toxic
Item: deepseascale(no idea what else to use)

usualy he comes in if whim dies he is my main backup.. I use em to poison and everyother turn protection for saly I'll use def if I know my opp won't do much damage or switch to Milotic to kill fire types. Iron barbs/toxic makes oops fighting types weary when they know saly is gna take revenge if her bros lost.

My other Alts are: Regigigas Ev:255attk 255hp
he's slow yes but has nice substitution equiped witthunder wave and earthquack and thunder he tends to survive somehow... Equiped width lum berry

Snorlax... Ev: 255 hp and def. He's got thick fat ability to up it's def and can use to protect saly orferro he's a basic build with yawn physic sleep attk and rest. Not to sure what it's good fo when a fighting tye 1 shots evenits epichp/def combo physic keeps changing need help deciding to what..

Pls comment on my team I'm open to suggestions and am lookin for other teams... It seems like is whimsicott suvives this teamis unbeatable and if it's grassehistle works and pokemon stay asleep for2-3 turns it's game over for my opp as salt just oneshots...

asked Mar 22, 2012 by Bfloran
edited Mar 23, 2012 by &Psychic x

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