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White team help?

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rock recker
hi jup kick
flare blitz
stone edge
shadow claw
hydro pump
sludge wave
electrivire item-???
wild charge
ice punch
work up
baton pass
stored power
dont know last person?

asked Apr 2, 2011 by blaziken
i cant read any thing with glasses because there is no "SPACES" and if it is a pokemon white team where is the GEN 5 pokemon ????

1 Answer

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Rhyperior: Replace Rock Wrecker with Stone Edge. Earthquake is good. I'd replace Payback for Megahorn. The last move should probably be Curse if possible. If not, Swords Dance is best.Item should be Life Orb.

Blaziken: I assume that it doesn't have the ability Speed Boost. I prefer Blaze Kick over Flare Blitz. It seems good, although you might want to replace Shadow Claw with Swords Dance, but it isn't an absolute must. Item should be Life Orb.

Tentacruel: Replace Hydro Pump with Surf, Toxic with Toxic Spikes, Sludge Wave with Venoshock. Item should be Leftovers.

Electivire: Not a good moveset. Replace Wild Charge with Thunderpunch (no recoil makes up for lower power in this case). Replace Screech with Fire Punch. If possible replace Fling with Cross Chop, and Earthquake if not possible. Item should be Expert Belt.

Umbreon: It works. I don't like Umbreon as a Baton Passer, but whatever. Item should be Leftovers.

And are you asking for us to suggest a final member for your team?

answered Apr 2, 2011 by trachy