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Mono-Dark team help?

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Dark-type only team . . . and Toxicroak. Any advice?

Cacturne w/Life Orb (Water Absorb)
Sucker Punch
Focus Punch
Leech Seed

Crawdaunt w/Muscle Band (Adaptability)
Aerial Ace
Dragon Dance

Zoroark w/ Wide Lens (Illusion)
Night Burst
Focus Blast
Nasty Plot

Spiritomb w/Leftovers (Pressure)
Shadow Ball
Pain Split
Calm Mind

Bisharp w/ Choice Scarf (Competitive Spirit)
Iron Head
Night Slash
Psycho Cut

Toxicroak w/Black Sludge (Poison Hand)
Poison Jab
Brick Break
Sucker Punch

asked Feb 20, 2011 by ShroomTV

1 Answer

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Cacturne looks good. Crawdaunt, I love that Adaptability. Replace that Muscle Band and give it a Life Orb. You coulde replace Waterfall for Crabhammer, but it depends on personal preference. I'd replace Aerial Ace for Brick Break. Zoroark give Life Orb. I also like U-Turn on it, mayb replacing Focus Blast. Replace Toxic on Tomb for Will-o-wisp. I'd give Bisharp Stone Edge, Night Slash, X-Scissor, and either Iron Head or Brick Break. I'd give Toxicroak Dry Skin for an ability, replace Brick Break with Drain Punch, and replace Earthquake with Stone Edge.

answered Feb 20, 2011 by trachy
Swords Dance is useful on Bisharp