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Jolteon team help!

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Well, as previous questions, Im trying to make my team better. And I figured out that I don't have anything to counter Gyarados! So, after some thoughts, I decided that Jolteon is really good electric type pokemon. Who should I replace with Jolteon? Please remember it's an In-Game team!


asked Feb 14, 2011 by NJDevil

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I would say replace Meganium,since this is in-game Meganium's support isn't going to help,also there aren't many trainers with the type combination of Water/Ground.

answered Feb 14, 2011 by Shxatoap
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I think you should replace Donphan. Heracross cover nearly everything that Donphan covers, even more.

answered Feb 14, 2011 by Jalodra4ever
I'd actually have to agree with this and wonder why it got a down vote. Fighting and Ground are fairly redundant. Heracross has the added advantage of Bug typing, while Donphan is just a Ground type. Meanwhile, Meganium is likely the starter Pokemon, which has some significance.