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How can I improve my Diamond team?

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How can Improve my team? I hate nearly all their movesets but please bear in mind that I've not got particually far infact I'm only just about to challange the sunnyshores gym leader xD but serieously all suggestions needed :D

Nature: Relaxed
Held Item: None
Trait: Torrent
Surf - good STAB
Metal Claw - Reasonable STAB but will be replaced with steel wing later on... maybe
Blizzard - I needed it at the time
Rock Climb - I needed it at the time >.<

Nature: Hardy
Held Item: Magnet
Trait: Intimidate
Iron Tail
Spark - For STAB
Thunder - Usefull when it hits xD
Crunch - Coverage i guess :S

Nature: Quiet
Held Item: None
Trait: Snow Cloak
Quick attack - sometimes quite usefull...
Hidden Power (Ground) - good coverage against fire, steel and rock i belive ^_^
Ice beam - Probally my most usefull move for this pokemon and good STAB
Hail - Works with ability

Lv:35 - Still being leveled up
Nature: Timid
Held Item: Exp.Share
Trait: Leaf guard
Quick attack - ¬_¬
Razor leaf - Good for the time being
Sunny day - Works with ability
Giga drain - good for now

Nature: Careful
Held Item: None
Trait: Intimidate
Fly - Useful for out of battle as well as in battle
Aerial ace - Good STAB and never misses
Close combat - It's good..ish sometimes xD
Defog - Needed it at the time ¬_¬

Flareon - My worst move set I think
Nature: Lax
Held Item: None
Trait: Flash Fire
Strength - needed it on feild
Ember - Good untill I get Flamethrower
Rock smash - needed it on feild
Bite - don't need it

Yes I am aware my teams rubbish, has bad moves etc... so please all suggestions needed :D

asked Aug 17, 2011 by Lotte_Phoenix
retagged Sep 5, 2012
A timid Leafaeon? really? throw it in the trash! Leafeon doesn't need a nature that hinders its attack. Leafeon is just useless!
Empoleon has an ok moveset... metal claw with steel wing? both no way! give it flash cannon if you actually want it to have a steel move.
This is ingame not PO its harder for statisfactory natures
I would suggest brave bird (learns at lv. 50) instead of defog.

2 Answers

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give leafeon (when its ready) a miracle seed or heat rock (sunny day) and teach it solarbeam instead of razor leaf if you want to. sunny day will help that. as soon as starraptor is strong enough teach it brave bird instead of aerial ace. be careful with that becausit deals a good amount of recoil damage. i don't really care what item you give it. preferrably one that powers up flying moves. for flareon give it an item that will up fire moves like a charcoal or a fire plate thing. switch ember with flamethrower and bite with fire fang. (burn or flinch) for empoleon teach it waterfall when you get it instead of metal claw or steel wing. until then I reccomend ice beam. for luxray switch spark with thunderbolt. your glaceon is good. give it a nevermelt ice. give empoleon a sea insence or a water plate.

answered Aug 17, 2011 by pikaxhu2
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Okay for your Leafeon I'll probably say get rid of Giga Drain for something like Return or Swords Dance because of it's pitiful special attack. For Flareon teach it either one of Flamethrower or Fire Fing and keep bite because of its extra type coverage. For your Empoleon exchange Metal Claw for either Flash Cannon for STAB or Grass Knot for extra type coverage. Also swap Blizzard for Ice Beam for more reliability. For your Staraptor I definitely recommended Brave Bird for Aerial Ace but if you feel that you maybe don't want two flying attacks then swap with U-Turn. Maybe also consider Quick Attack or Return for STAB. Your Glaceon has a pretty good moveset already. For your Luxray replace Thunder for either Thunderbolt for more power or Discharge for the extra chance of paralysis and also to help Luxray's mediocre speed.

answered Aug 17, 2011 by K1