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HG team help! (Again)?

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Same as my last question but now about the movesets ofvmy pokemon. thanks!

Meganium Lv.58
-Petal Dance
-Body Slam
-Light Screen

Crobat Lv. 54
-Cross Poison
-Mean Look

Herracross Lv.55
-Close Combat
-Night Slash
-Rock Slide

Vaporeon Lv.55
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball

Arcanine Lv.54
-Thunder Fang
-Rock Climb

Donphan Lv.59
-Thunder Fang
-Iron Tail

I have the following TMs:
TM1 TM2 TM3 TM5 TM7 TM9 TM10 TM11 TM18 TM19 TM22 TM25 TM29 TM34 TM35 TM36 TM37 TM39 TM41 TM43 TM45 TM46 TM47 TM48 TM49 TM50 TM51 TM54 TM55 TM56 TM57 TM60 TM62 TM66 TM67 TM69 TM72 TM77 TM82 TM84 TM85 TM91 TM92 + All the HMs

asked Feb 12, 2011 by NJDevil

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Meganium-@Big Root
Leech Seed
Giga Drain

Crobat-@Life Orb
Cross Poison
Hypnosis/Confuse Ray
Steel Wing

Heracross is great!!

Vaporeon-@Mystic Water
Acid Armor
Signal Beam

Flare Blitz
Thunder Fang
Extreme Speed

Replace Iron Tail with Defence Curl for extra power for Rollout..

I know you don't have that much accessible choices but these are my recommendations so try to get them..

answered Feb 14, 2011 by &Shining Yin
I'm sorry to tell you, but I put my TMs and HMs at the end of the question, and I can't breed, so I can't use your Meganium and Crobat moveset...