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Team Help SOS!!!

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Is this team good and the move set is good?

1- Infernape :close combate/flame thrower/over heat/fire blast

2- quakesire :earth queak/muddy water/surf/ice beam

3- Raichu : Thunder/Thunder bolt/Iron tail/double team

4-Venomoth :Bug buzz/sludge bomb/U-turn/Toxic

5-executor :Solar beam/leaf storm/Psychic/Giga drain

6- Dragonite: Fly/Hyper beam/Outrage/Arial ace

Ps: I don't have the team yet I want to try it out so don't be wrighting bad things THANK YOU

asked Feb 2, 2011 by Raptor ex 911
retagged Sep 5, 2012
No offense but the movesets are awful.Again no offense
Which game are you using?

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God, Every Answer tried To help You With Movesets, which is what you should do. However, their Movesets were just as bad(no offense). But Dont Fear, Moveset Pro Is Here.

I WOuld Highly Reccomend Swampert over Quagsire, Quag is the worst Water/Ground.

Hammer Arm
Water Fall

Infernape Is Excellent, except ur set is kinda bad. I'd Go:
Close COmbat
ThunderPunch/Grass Knot

Raichu: Not Bad, I'd Reccomend Manectric or ELectrivire instead, but for Raichu Moveset:
Nasty Plot: Catch It As A Pichu Cuz It Learns Nasty Plot.
Focus Blast
Grass Knot

Instead Of Venomoth, for a Bug Type, Heracross Is Incredible.
Stone Edge
Close Combat

   OR For Bug:

Bullet Punch
Swords Dance
Quick Attack/Brick Break

Exxagutor is ok, I'd Reccomend for a Grass Type SCeptile or Torterra.
ENergy Ball
Focus Blast
Dragon Pulse
Rock SLide
STone Edge
Seed Bomb
Rock Polish

Fly: needed.
Outrage/Dragon CLaw
Dragon Dance

answered Feb 2, 2011 by Swampert
With the quagsire thing, There Is a little mistake: Wooper is worse!!!
At least wooper is cute =3
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'Kay, you're all belittling perfectly fine Pokemon, and Venemoth is just as good as Vespiquen, if not, better. Venemoth has better Special Attack, and is faster than Vespiquen, who is slow and has a x4 weakness, among many other weaknesses meaning its Defenses are useless. Take it from the Bug master.

Ever considered that maybe this is a team he thought would just be fun to use?

INFERNAPE (Should be a Lead):

Fake Out
Flamethrower / Close Combat
Stealth Rock

QUAGSIRE (Bulky Mixed Sweeper):

Ice Beam

RAICHU (Raichu's too frail for Nasty Plot):

Grass Knot
Brick Break
Signal Beam

VENEMOTH (Basic Bug Sweeper):

Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Psychic / Toxic Spikes
Stun Spore / U-Turn

EXEGGUTOR (Big Root item will help for first set idea):

Leech Seed
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder
Dream Eater


Energy Ball
Light Screen


Sunny Day
Hidden Power (Fighting / Ground / Dragon)

DRAGONITE (Safe and bulky):

Flamethrower / Earthquake

answered Feb 2, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~
First off, you don't have to bash the other questions at the start of yours. and second of quagsire can't learn recover.
The replacing of Pokemon on team questions has been bugging me for the past couple months of questions, especially since PokemonDB is supposed to have an "Anti-Smogon" attitude, meaning no elitist answers. But I apologize. I didn't mean to make any rises.

Check his egg moves out, Bro. He learns Recover.
He does in HG/SS but from the way his team is set up it looks like he's using a diamond or pearl, so I'm just taking a guess that it isn't in HG/SS. cuz Its only in HG/SS.
You can't just guess stuff, especially when no info is given in the first place. I simply gave out the best moveset I knew.
I didn't guess I looked at it and it didn't look right and when I looked it up on the pokemon diamond and pearl list it wasn't there, I didn't think to look on HG/SS.
ONE question ............. WHERE IS Surf!!!
Check his base stats, Bro. His attack is higher, so Waterfall is better.
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Umm.... We've got some work to do. First, If you're going to use a ground/water type, quagsire is not one to use. I would recomend whishcash, or Swampert. Next, you don't need muddy water and surf, and you can replace surd with some other moves,

Water/Ground pkm:
Earthquake ( Its a strong ground move decent PP good power good accuracy. )
Surf : ( Strong water and STAB )
Ice Beam ( coverage )
Stone Edge ( takes out flying,ice,fighting,

next we move on to Raichu, again, not the best choice.
I know everyone loves pikachu and all because he was Ash's pokemon in the anime, but honestly he isn't that great of a pokemon. For an electrik type I would suggest using electivire or magnezone. If you think you can get your hands on an electroder and you have the trade option, knock yourself out and get an electivire, if not just go for magnezone.
Thunder ( Strong Electric type move, STAB )
T-Bolt ( Better accuracy than thunder, just not quite as powerfull. )
Rain Dance ( this is optional but reccomended, if you use rain dance you get 100% accuracy thunders. )
Flash Cannon ( STAB and you probally want to have a steel type move for your steel type. )

Venomoth would probally not be to smart either.
Vespeqien Is a much stronger bug pokemon.
Vespeqien is a better choice and this is a pretty simple moveset.

Attack Order
Defense Order
Heal Order
Power Gem

Vespeqien is simple to work with.

Executor is pretty good but instead of solar beam, I would use hypnosis. It makes the other pokemon fall asleep and its a good combo with giga drain, put them to sleep and then steal all their health with giga drain, and if you really want to you could replace psychic with dream eater, but I don't really reccomend it. and lastly dragonite. Moveset needs alot of help here. first off, fly is a " no no ". the only time you would use it would be on grass types and on fighting types, and most people who have fighting types teach them stone edge. and that wouldn't be very good. Hyper beam just isn't a good idea. I would replace is with something like Blizzard or Ice beam for other dragon types that you face. Take out fly for thunder bolt or thunder ( so that those water types who know ice moves won't have the upper hand. and you can keep outrage ( you might want to use dragon pulse though ) and Ariel Ace is decent I guess. and lastly I move on to infernape. Something you should look at with infernape, TOO MUCH FIRE!!! This would be a better guide line.

Focus Blast ( It is a fighting move that uses SP. ATK )
Flamethrower ( pretty strong good pp good acc STAB )
Nasty Plot ( Raises SP ATK 2 stages )
Over Heat ( If you use Nasty Plot then you will be back to stage one )


Flare Blitz ( Physical fire move STAB )
Blaze Kick ( Breed with blaziken STAB )
Close Combat ( physical fighting and strong STAB )
Swords Dance ( Raises ATK 2 stages )

Hope this helps you

answered Feb 2, 2011 by Josh
edited Feb 3, 2011 by Josh
About having moves of the same type on the same pokemon isn't quite great as it seems

 if you're going on magnezone you can use T-bolt and drop rain dance and thunder and replace with something useful as while you're setting up your raindance an earthquake can easily KO your magnezone

and for infernape go for either blaze kick or flare blitz.

Close combat can stay and for swords dance I don't think you will have an opportunity to set it up as you will likely be KO'd after using it
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You have too many fire type moves on infenape replace
f-blast with thunder punch and over-heat with u-turn


replace thunder with nasty plot

Venamoth u-turn swap for psychic

everything else is "ok" for urgent matters


answered Feb 2, 2011 by staraptor360