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Ghost Team help?

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Ok, so as You will now know, I am building a ghost team. I already have Gengar The wall (i know right. I didn't think I could do that niether) and Mismagius (the Sweeper) on my team. now I just need some filler. Any tips?

asked Sep 8, 2010 by Amaterasu
Anyone else name their mismagius Dark Magyk?
Gengar is a terrible wall! he has the defense of a

goldeen and the special defense of a sneazel. defense

maxes out at 240 and S.defense at 273. his speed and

S.attack are his staples maxing out respectavly at 350

and 394! :)

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Dusknoir Is A Great Pokemon that Could Help Setting Things up such as Toxic. He Could Be A Great Backup Wall If Gengar Goes Down. Froslass Is Also Good, as A Fast Pokemon. Spiritomb, With No Weaknesses Could Be Of Help Also. Maybe Shedninja Too, For Some Resistance:) Other Options are the Rotom Forms, and Salabye:)

Hope This Helps:)

answered Sep 8, 2010 by Swampert
Ok I'll DEFINATELY consider Froslass as I am too lazy to get a Duskinoir (even though I have the n item and everything) lol I got my Shedinja too :)
OMG! Gengars Grin is just way too freaky! :O
Froslass is gonna be my Substitute hail blizzard person :)
Good strategy:)
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Gengar makes a much better sweeper than wall becuase

of his defenses. a better wall would be spiritomb or

dusknoir. mismagious is a good sweeper as is froslass if

legendaries are an option do not pass out on giratina

who has the highest hp of all the legendaries and great

offense. driftblimb is a good pokemon who has high hp

teaching it toxic would be a good move. I do not

reccommend shedinja for if any pokemon have snow

warning or sand stream it can ruin it on the first turn.

answered Sep 8, 2010 by Speed freak
K I got my Giratina :D it has a total hp stat of 442 (O_O)