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Is this team awesome?

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Lvl 75 volcarona(base of my team all together)
bug buzz(great stab)
quiver dance(take advantage of sweeping potential)
cam mind(back-up to quiver dance)
heat wave(another nice stab)

aggron lvl 47(needs work)
iron tail/iron head/metal burst(need help,all stabs)
take down
?(don't see the point of thunder,sucky special attack)

zekrom lvl 61
wild charge(don't mind recoil,better than fusion bolt in my opinion b/c more pp,stab)
dragon claw(favorite stab)
zen headbut

reshiram lvl 61
dragon pulse(awesome stab)
fusion flare(pretty good stab,should I take and teach it flamethrower instead?)

suicune lvl 51(event suicune!)
aiice beam

absol lvl 60(one of my all-time favs)
psycho cut(covers fighting weakness)
night slash(great stab)
me first(good priority versus slow hazards,set up hazards using entry hazards)

i love the team,plan to work aggron's moves more and raise lvls along with suicune

asked Apr 29, 2011 by sassmangg5
edited Apr 30, 2011 by DarthDestiny
There yah go
trachy said it so it is true
I wish I could vote trachy's comment up =D
Im not going to take a hike for a stupid tm.i'll get hurricane somehow.
You should! Flamethrower is an awesome move!
Excadrill, now you can vote up my answer. I just didn't feel like answering before, but I just couldn't keep quite against such blatant misunderstandings.

1 Answer

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Volcarona has no need for Calm Mind, as Quiver Dance does all Calm Mind does and aslso increases Speed. Heat Wave is also not as good as Flamethrower.

As for Aggron, it should have a Rock type STAB attack, such as Head Smash or Stone Edge. Take Down is inferior to Double-Edge.

Wild Charge is pathetic when compared to both of Zekrom's signature attacks, and should not be used. Zen Headbutt isn't one of the most useful moves you can put on it, poor type coverage and only 90% accuracy for an 80 power move.

You need to remove Fly on either Zekrom or Reshiram. I would actually replace both Zekrom and Reshiram due to them being Ubers. Using Ubers takes the fun out of the game I think.

Reshiram I would replace Extrasensory on.

Suicune only seems to have three moves. Or did you just forget to put Air Slash? Suicune should always have Ice Beam, Scald, Calm Mind, and Rest. The CroCune set (as it is known) is one of the most formidable sets of all time.

Absol would love Sucker Punch over Night Slash due to low Speed. You also seem to not understand what Me First actually does. Replace it with Stone Edge, as it can't actually bounce back priority. It only hits back attacking moves. In fact, Me First isn't even priority. It only works if you are the first to attack, which isn't good considering Absol has such low Speed.

Also please use the tags in the way they were meant to be used please.

answered Apr 30, 2011 by trachy
edited Apr 30, 2011 by trachy