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How can I Improve this team?

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What I want to know is what movesets and which pokemon to switch out for what. so heres my team.

Excadrill Lv.35
Modest Item: Amulet coin

Metal Claw( Coverage,Stab)
Hone Claws(Helps with OHKO)

Rock Slide(Covers Flying and Bug)

Gigalith Lv.35
Adamant Item Quick claw Sturdy

Rock Blast( Stab)
Smack Down(STAB+ Makes Bulldozer work)
Rock SLide(Stab+a chance of Flinch)

BullDOze( In Case Quick Claw doesnt work)

Emboar Lv.36 Item Expert belt
Brave Blaze

Assurance(Coverage on Psycic )
Rollout( Covers flying,and other firetypes)
Arm Thrust ( Coverage and STAB)

FLame Charge(Coverage)

Samurrot Lv.37
Item Lucky Egg Naive Torrent

Razor Shell( Physical STAB)
Water Pulse( Spec. STAB)

Slash ( In case none of the above work)

Serperior Lv.37
Adamant Over Grow Miracle seed

Growth( Get ready to KO)
Leaf BLade(Stab and Takes care of Spec.Walls)

Leaf Tornado(Stab Plus takes care of physical walls)

Gyarados Lv.37
Impish Intimidate Rocky helmet

Aqua Tail(STAB)/Scald (Stab Plus Burn) (which one works better?)
Ice Fang(Coverage

asked May 2, 2011 by Ike,Lloyd Irving
edited May 2, 2011 by Ike,Lloyd Irving
Waterfall works better than both aqua tail AND scald
Get rid of Tackle! It's a terrible move! Replace it with Earthquake to counter Gyarados's terrible weakness to Electric type moves!
Since this an in-game team, it doesn't matter pokemon.
Just play the game!

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Aqua tail works better taking in mind gyarados has amazing attack compared to low sp.attack.
Tackle?? Bite?? get rid of both .
Teach it earthquake cause it has amazing power and covers both electric and rock .
Fourth move - dragon dance/outrage .

Hammer Arm (STAB+he is slow enough for the speed lowering not affecting him)(Move tutor 1 heart scale)
Flare Blitz (Dont mind the recoil)
SmackDown(Kill the birdies attacking you)
EarthQuake(Make use of those fallen birdies)

Serperior Ability :change it to CONTRARY (That is awesome)
Hold(Big root)
HiddenPower[Rock]-Covers ice,flying,bug,fire .What else do you want.
Giga drain(Big root put to use.
Leaf tornado (Contrary used)
Calm Mind(Taking into consideration that we have used a full special one)

Surf(Replace water pulse after you get surf)
Ice Beam(Coverage against grass)
Aqua Tail(Physical)
Revenge(Very handy)

Replace bulldoze with earthquake since most pokemon even after thry spped reducing by 6 stages will probably be faster than you .
Rock Blast replace with Stone edge cause its wat stronger or else go for hedbutt for the pokemon that have defence over rock .

Hone claws (Helps with OHKO??? ---You don't have any!! )-Replace with swords dance to gain ultimate power.
Replace dig with earthquake or dill run.

You team is mighty amazing and with the changes sure enough to knock the stars out of the elite four so congrats !

Have fun battling!! :)

answered May 3, 2011 by Unidentified
Only tihng I see wrong w/ these suggestions is having 4 pokemon that all friggin know earthquake its an amazing move but itll make your team vunerable if a player can neutralize it seeing as how its the most powerful move in most cases here
Starman's right.
An opponent could bring out a Flying type or a Pokemon with Levitate, and just like that one move of about four Pokemon will be of no use.
For that , there's Ice Beam .
Earthquake is just a great move to cover and neutralize some , so why not ?