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How can I improve my hoenn team?

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I've just transfered my good pokemon from emerald to platinum,here's my team:
Sceptile: Leaf storm, dragon pulse, rock slide, x-scissor

Blaziken:Sky uppercut, blaze kick, brave bird,sword dance

Swampert(I want to breed it so I'll have a swampert with curse):waterfall, earthquake, hammer arm, avalanche

Slaking:hyper beam(i'll change it with giga impact when I'll found some coins), slak-off, hammer arm,bulk-up

Aggron: stone edge, metal burst, earthquake, double edge

salamence: fly(needed), fire blast,dragon claw,hydro pump

General suggestions, moveset changes, held-items etc?

asked Apr 19, 2011 by GAMEBEATER
Is it even possible for a salemence to learn hydro pump? And rock slide for a grass type: not very smart...

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I think all your moves and Pokemon are well planned out, but as you already have a fire and water type, you could substitute Salamence's 2 moves for stat boosters or another strong dragon type.. Also I suggest changing either Slaking or Swampert's Hammer Arm to something different as you only really need one, I think a STAB fighting move would be nice for Slaking and possibly a stat-booster for Swampert to make more STAB in Earthquake, Avalanche and Waterfall. Apart from this I love the team. You could give the Silk Scarf to Slaking to boost the power of Giga Impact maybe? Not sure where to get it in Platinum, but in Emerald you get it from Dewford Town...hope I helped :D

answered Apr 19, 2011 by BigSmilesXOX14