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Is this team good?

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Reshiram lvl 60 lustrous orb
fusion flare(have thought of replacing with fire blast)
dragon pulse(obvious stab)

zekrom lvl 59 adamant orb
wild charge(i fine its better than fusion bolt.use it alot.fav.move)
zen headbutt
dragon claw(great stab)

claydol lvl 47
charge beam
ice beam
hyper beam

absol lvl 56
sucker punch
night slash

volcarona lvl 70
silver wind
heat wave
quiver dance
bug buzz

p.s:this is a cynthia/e4 team(rematch)
in box:altaria lvl 57

asked Apr 26, 2011 by sassmangg5
edited Jan 1, 2012 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
Thought it's clear that this is B/W team, please tag the game also for the future

2 Answers

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Okay, I rate your team a 9. One thing is that the two orbs(lustrous and adamant) only work for Dialga and Palkia. You should definitely change that. I like the Dragon stabs on Reshiram + Zekrom, but if you want, give them a Persim Berry and teach it Outrage. As for Claydol, give it Psychic instead of Extrasensory. I also suggest Earthquake instead of Hyper Beam, because with the stab it does the same amount without recharging. Absol is good, but as for Volcarona, take away Silver Wind for Hurricane. You already have a bug stab and the chance of raising the stats is really against you.

Hope I helped:)

answered Apr 26, 2011 by kingscizor515
Claydol's sp.atk is higher.i need a special moveset,and don't know how to get the move hurricane on volcarona.have no idea about the whereabouts of psychic,and don't know how to get outrage on the two dragons
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Um... okay.
First of all, l'll comment each Pokemon in your team individually (in terms of In-game):
+ RESHIRAM: like scolipede515 said, get rid of the Lustrous Orb. lt only works on Dialga/Palkia/Giratina whatever.
Get rid of Fly (you have Fly on Zekrom, and Zekrom is physical, no need for two Flyers). Replace it with maybe Thunderbolt or Ice Beam.

  • ZEKROM: Eh, it's fine. Just get rid of the Adamant Orb.
    l don't know if Wild Charge is the smartest thing to give it, but if it's working for you, keep it.

  • CLAYDOL: nice variety of moves. Only thing is, get rid of Hyper Beam. lt's terrible for Claydol. Replace it with maybe Self Destruct or Cosmic Power for bulky purposes.

  • ABSOL: The moves you got are good, but maybe replace Facade with Swords Dance. SD works really well with Absol.

+VOLCARONA: Maybe you can replace Silver Wind with something else, but it's good anyways.

And that's all the Pokemon you provided with... and an Altaria with no information.
l don't understand why you don't even have a full team of six... but whatever.
Keep in mind, not to use this for competetive battling, (cause you got two ubers) and the moves will have to be completely redone.
I wish you luck defeating Cynthia! ~

answered Apr 26, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam
I'm raising an aron so I get an aggron