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Is this team good?

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Gallade@Life Orb
-Ice Punch
-Close Combat
-Psycho Cut

-Sucker Punch

Arcanine@Life Orb
-Thunder Fang
-Extreme Speed
-Iron Tail

Flygon@Zoom Lens
-Dragon Claw
-Stone Edge


Victreebell@Heat Rock
-Sludge Bomb
-Solar Beam
-Sunny Day

asked Dec 11, 2010 by NJDevil
edited Dec 11, 2010 by NJDevil
Dragon Dance would be better for Feraligatr
Yeah, I agree.  switch curse with dragon dance

3 Answers

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Becuase of his high S.defense he is capable of taking hits. So I would suggest replacing Close combat with Drain punch for life orb recovery.


Replace Sucker punch with Payback for if you hit last it becomes as powerful as E-quake and paired with Curse it will be guranteed you will hit last and it will make it even more powerful. You may also want to replace taunt with toxic for it is a very good move for a wall.


should have Flare blitz not flamethrower becuase of superior attack.


Is fine but replace Zoom lens with Wide lens becuase Zoom lens only works if you move last and becuase it is for stone edge coverage againsst ice types then it will probably to late.


Your Ferligatr is great but if you want a Dragon Dancer Then switch curse for it and avanlanche for Ice punch.


Is pretty good but has terrible coverage but becuase Victreebell has a crummy move pool it is probably the best one.

answered Dec 11, 2010 by Speed freak
edited Dec 13, 2010 by Speed freak
He's still missing a Water-Type move
I just changed it
 don't know why I put shuckle in........
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With Victreebell you should change sludge bomb with spore. Thats all. Hope this helps.

answered Dec 13, 2010 by E-Quake RC
Victreebell can't learn Spore
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Everythingis good but Gallade can learn shock wave and Arcanine can learn TM 50(Overheat). If I were you ,I would do that. :D

answered Dec 11, 2010 by wesly66
Gallade has really low Sp.Atk,and his Arcanine is a Physical Attacker