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Can you rate my team?

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Here's my team

Colbalion lvl 42
Flash cannon
Sacred sword

Galvantua lvl 43
Electro ball
Poison jab

Emboar lvl 49
Wild charge
Heat crash
Rock smash

ExcadrIll lvl 45

Sword dance
Shadow claw

Basculin lvl 44
Aqua tail
Double edge

Swoobat lvl 45
Arial ace
Shadow ball

Please rate :)

asked Apr 10, 2011 by xcaliber71

5 Answers

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Ok, I'll just give movesets, starting with...

Swords Dance ( Power Up )
Iron Head ( STAB )
Sacred Sword ( STAB )
X-scissor ( Coverage )

Signal Beam ( STAB until you can get bug buzz )
ThunderBolt ( STAB )
HP - water - ( Coverage )
Toxic ( Why not make him a pain in the butt? )

Head Smash ( Coverage )
Wild Charge ( Coverage )
Flare Blitz ( STAB )
Hammer Arm ( STAB )

Earthquake ( STAB )
Stone Edge ( Coverage )
Swords Dance ( Power up )
Metal Claw ( Only non egg steel move he can learn, might as well use it )

Aqua Jet ( Priority STAB )
Crunch ( Coverage? )
Thrash/Double Edge ( Recoil or Confusion, which one can you live with? )
Surf ( Someones gotta be able to haul you around )

Swoobat ( Really??? )
Psychic ( STAB )
Air Slash ( STAB )
Calm Mind ( Power Up )
Shadow Ball ( Coverage )

Hope this Helps

answered Apr 10, 2011 by Josh
Excadrill can't learn Stone Edge.
Head smash isn't that great...Unless you want to breed it onto an aron...
1 vote

All good but I wouldnt use basculin it aint that good

answered Apr 11, 2011 by james mills
1 vote

I let my cobalion learn aerial ace (very good just in case a fighting type is what ur battling)

answered Apr 16, 2011 by cranidos1up
1 vote

Wow. train them all to level 50 then ur elite 4 ready

answered Apr 16, 2011 by kevinpfeil123abc
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Your team is OK, but definitely not amazing. If your Galvantuala's ability is compound eyes, then teach it thunder. Compound eyes raises thunder's accuracy to around 91%. Get rid of poison jab and x-scissor. Because of his terrible attack and good sp attack, bug buzz is amazing when you get it. Flash might actually be good in battle, as well as in the field. If you need a psychic-flying type, switch out Swoobat for Sigilyph, or if you just need a flying type, once you get to it, Braviary. For Emboar, replace rock smash for brick break. I've faced Excadrills before on Wi-Fi, and they always fall in 1-2 hits because of it's terrible defenses. I would replace it with the amazing Krookodile. This guy is one of the main players in my team. Moxie makes him = destruction. Unless Basculin is amazing, definitely switch it out for Seismitoad. He is pretty bulky, if you EV train him right. Plus that fairly amazing HP. Hope this helps.

answered Apr 24, 2011 by Z.Z.
edited May 1, 2011 by Z.Z.