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Is my team good ?

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Infernape lv 100 (item:charcoal)
1-flame thrower

4-sunny day

Ampharos lv 100 (item:Magnet)
1-Thunder punch
2-Power gem

4- thunder bolt

Forretress lv 100 (soft sand)
2-zap cannon


Xatu lv 100 (mind plate)
1- fly
2- psychic
3- calm mind

4- shadow ball

shiftry lv 100 (dread plate)
1- leaf storm
2- gaida drain
3- dark pulse

4- rasor wind

Dewgong lv 100 (splash plate)
1- surf
2- ice beam
3- blizzard
4- toxic

asked Jan 31, 2011 by Raptor ex 911

1 Answer

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To put it in a word..................NO! no offense but those are horrid move sets


Only flamethrower Overheat has too many draw backs. You could add solar beam becuase it is a great combo with sunny day. I suggest giving him the life orb.


There is no point in having 3 electris type moves it has a better S.attack so go with the relable Thunderbolt. Power gem is great for coverage. Signal beam is a good move for more coverage. If it has Hidden power Ice teach it that but if not Thunder wave and light screen are great support options.


E-quake and explosion are great moves for foretress good job. Replace dig and Zap-cannon with Toxic spikes and Stealth rock becuase entry hazards are the best things about forretress.


You have a generally good set for it but replace fly with Giga drain becuase it pairs nicely with calm mind.


Physical set seed bomb, return, X-scizzor, rock slide. Special set Giga drain or energy ball, Dark pulse, extrasenory, Razor wind/Hyper beam(filler moves)


Take away blizzard and add signal beam or rest

So keep working on your sets try to ev train and ask advice about pokemon's strong points

answered Jan 31, 2011 by Speed freak