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how can i improve this triple/rotation battle team?

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here it is:
Groudon@ power herb
level 100
solarbeam, type coverage for water types
earthquake, STAB,good move overall..
Fissure, OHKO,i love fissure!
fire blast,type coverage on ice/ grass types

Groudon is a tough pokemon to beat with super high attack/defence stats,and is a good sweeper.
Rayquaza @ dragon fang
level 100
hardy nature
Ability :air lock
Fly, STAB,good move
dragon pulse:STAB,
outrage, really good move, STAB,
extremespeed:good revenge killing move.
Rayquaza is an awsome attack pokemon with great attack/ sp. attack,and sweeps really easily

Kyogre@ sea incense
Calm nature
Ability: drizzle
ice beam,type coverage on grass types
hydro pump, STAB, awesomely strong move
double edge,strong overall move, he can take the recoil damage
sheer cold OHKO, awesomely cool move

Metagross @iron plate
jolly nature
ability clear body
hammer arm, tough move with good type coverage
meteor mash, STAB,good sweeping move
zen headbutt, STAB, awesome move to sweep with
earthquake,strong move with a lot of type coverage.
My very best non-legendary pokemon metagross is an awesome revenge killer/ sweeper.great stats all around and has very few type weaknesses.

heatran @shuca berry
sassy nature
ability/flash fire
Magma storm,STAB,awesome signature move.
stone edge, type coverage,and high critical hit ratio on a 100 power move
heat wave ,multiple target move, an awesomely strong move with STAB
iron head: STAB, may make the target flinch

Arceus@ draco plate
quiet nature
ability multitype
dragon claw, STAB,
judgment ,signature move that changes type according to the plate it is holding.
earth power, type coverage.
thunder, more type coverage.

feel free to think of replacing items,moves and pokemon that will
help out this team. thanks!

asked Aug 16, 2011 by metagross2097
edited Aug 16, 2011 by metagross2097
what are you planning on using this team for(besides the obvious triple/rotational)?
i have another combination for single/ double battles
i meant competitive/in game
mainly competitive.....
i think you'll have to get rid of sheer cold and fissure then.
Well Fissure, Sheer Cold and other OHKO moves are banned, according to the rules if this site. So if you want to play competitive against people on this site, you have to get them off.

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I would suggest, that, on Rayquaza, you take out Dragon Pulse and put in Brick Break for more coverage. On Kyogre, I would take out Hydro Pump and put in either Water Spout or Surf, your choice. They both have better accuracy. And instead of Double-Edge, you need Thunder, which has more coverage and always hits in rain. Lastly, on Arceus, Because Judgement is stronger and has STAB, Dragon Claw should be replaced with Ice Beam for the ol' Bolt/Beam coverage. Hope this helps :)

EDIT: Groudon doesn't need the power herb because of the sun. Give him the Expert Belt instead.

answered Aug 28, 2011 by Kyogreruler
edited Aug 28, 2011 by Kyogreruler