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How can I improve my wireless/wifi team?

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Rotom-W @ Razor claw Special tank
shadow ball (coverage)
volt switch (combos with scizor u-turn)
hydro pump STAB
telekinesis (easy to hit)

Scizor @ Flying gem Physical tank
iron head STAB
acrobatics (combines with flying gem for 165 base power first time)
brick break (coverage
u-turn STAB

Altaria @ leftovers Wall
ice beam (coverage)
flamethrower (coverage)
rest (regeneration)
cotton guard (high def)

Raichu @ ? Special sweeper
volt switch (switch and STAB)
thunderbolt STAB
focus blast (coverage)
hyper beam (general move)

Machamp @ ? physical tank
earthquake (coverage)
poison jab (coverage)
scary face (very annoying)
dynamic punch (combines with no guard to pwn)

Absol @ ? status sweeper
slash (general move)
thunder wave (annoying)
sucker punch (first strike/STAB)
detect (ptotection)

I have not decide on any ev's, so if you are feeling nice, please put suggestions in your answers for evs and training locations.

asked Aug 8, 2011 by ∞Skynet∞
retagged Sep 5, 2012

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Okay, Rotom-W... I wouldn't keep it because you have Raichu as an Electric-type, so I replaced it with a lead pokemon: Shuckle. This pokemon is one of the most annoying and hard to faint pokemon, so use it. Teach it Toxic, Stealth Rock (gen 4 TM), Mud Slap for accuracy lowering hax, and Wrap, mostly just to keep the foe in and let Toxic work wonders. EV train it in 252 Defense (Roggenrola's in Wellspring Cave), 252 Sp. Defense (Frillish on Rt. 17) and 4 HP (Ducklett on Driftveil Drawbridge). Give it a Bold nature.

Scizor: Is good, keep the moveset, and EV train it in 252 Atk (Route 1 Lillipups and Patrats), 128 Defense (Roggenrola's in Wellspring Cave), and 128 Sp. Defense (Frillish on Rt. 17). I gave it the Sp. Defense Evs so that it might be able to survive a Fire-type move. Give it and Adamant nature.

Altaria: If a Water-type comes along, you're pretty much screwed over, so replace Ice Beam with Dragon Pulse. Other then that, you're good! Ev train it in 252 Def (Roggenrola's in Wellspring Cave), 252 Sp. Def (Frillish on Rt. 17), and 4 HP (Ducklett on Driftveil Drawbridge). Give it either a Modest Nature or a Bold Nature.

Raichu: Keep Thunderbolt or Volt Switch, it's your choice. Forget Focus Blast (too inaccurate), Hyper Beam, and either Thunderbolt or Volt Switch. Have it learn Nasty Plot, Grass Knot, and Thunder Wave. Give it the Magnet and Ev train it in Sp. Atk 252 (Celestial Tower), 252 Speed (Basculin on Rt.1 while surfing), and 4 HP (Ducklett on Driftveil Drawbridge). Give it a Rash nature.

Machamp: You already have a Physical Tank, and I thought that it might be good to have a Physical Sweeper, so I chose Lucario. Teach it Earthquake, Extremespeed, Bullet Punch (breeding), and anything you want. Good options include Swords Dance and Hone Claws. Ev train it in 252 Attack (Rt. 1 Lillipup's and Patrats), 252 Speed (Basculin on Rt. 1 while surfing) and 4 HP (Ducklett on Driftveil Drawbridge). Give it the Life Orb to hold and give it a Naughty Nature.

Absol: Come on, make use of Super Luck! Give it the Scope Lens to hold, and teach it either Night Slash or Sucker Punch, whichever you want. Also teach it Psycho Cut for coverage, Stone Edge for coverage, and use Shadow Claw over Slash. Ev train it in 252 Attack (Rt. 1 Lillipups and Patrats), 252 Speed (Basculin on Rt. 1 while surfing), and 4 Hp (Ducklett on Driftveil Drawbridge). Give it a Jolly nature.

I wish you many wins and I hope this helps!

answered Aug 11, 2011 by Fate Itself
where do i find the magnet... and would zap plate work too?
EDIT: can i take out raichu instead of rotom wash... he combines with u-turn for epic resistance combo
The magnet is in Chargestone Cave, or you can use the Zap plate. You can keep Rotom-W and toss Raichu, but don't change Rotom's moveset. It's perfect as it is!
thanks.... so, if I keep rotom, what would its evs be?
The Evs would be 252 Special Attack, 252 Special Defense, and 4 HP.
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Absol, item scope lens

Slash - Super Luck
Night Slash(Super Luck and STAB) or Sucker Punch for low speed
Psycho Cut(coverage)
Either Taunt with Sucker Punch, or Double team.
also, no Hyper Beam with Raichu, maybe no Volt Switch either as you have Thunderbolt.

answered Aug 9, 2011 by XtremeKiller