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Any suggestions for my HG team?

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I'm still looking for a final pokemon to add but any suggestions for improvement would be helpful ^_^

Item: Rose Incense
Nature: Careful (+Sp. Defense -Sp.Attack)
Ability: Overgrow
1.Petal Dance
2.Iron Tail
3.Magic Leaf (Good for when Double team or similar move is used)
4.Frenzy Plant

Item: Sacred Ash
Nature: Relaxed (+Defense -Speed)
Ability: Pressure
3.Fire Blast
4.Sacred Fire

Item: Nothing at the moment... any suggestions on what to give it?
Nature: Calm (+Sp.Defense -Attack)
Ability: Static
2.Signal Beam (Covers Physic)
4.Thunder Punch (Very replaceable)

Item: Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly (+Speed -Sp.Attack)
Ability Water Absorb
4.Water Pulse (Very replaceable)

Dratini (I'm still trying to level it up)
Item Again, Nothing just yet...
Nature Adamant (+Attack -Sp.Attack)
Ability Shed Skin
1.Surf (Yes i know I have it twice >.< )
3.Dragon Pulse

And I'm still looking for the final Pokemon so any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW i don't particually get it when people describe their Pokemon as walls, sweepers etc so that's why I haven't included it. Thanks :D

asked Jul 23, 2011 by Lotte_Phoenix
edited Jul 23, 2011 by Lotte_Phoenix

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Not a bad team so far! Even for an in-game team, it's pretty well-constructed. I see a few slips though, so I'll recommend some changes, and then recommend a 6th party member.

Meganium is looking good, but Frenzy Plant isn't that great of an attack, trust me. Plus, you already have the wonderful Petal Dance in there. Replacing Petal Dance with Safeguard would be smart, as it protects against the Petal Dance confusion afterward!

Ho-Oh doesn't need both Fire Blast and Sacred Fire(Well, for the Pokemon League, it would be nice, but otherwise...). Some kind of coverage move would be good; Steel Wing the best among them, as it covers that nasty x4 Rock weakness. Thunder or Roost could also be nice choices.

Ampharos, as you said, needs Thunderpunch out of there. Hidden Power Power may be fun to toy with, and Power Gem would be a fair addition. As for an item, a Life Orb or maybe even an Expert Belt would likely work best.

Vaporeon needs Waterfall and Water Pulse out of there; no need for three Water-type moves. An Ice-type move is also needed badly. Ice Beam, Blizzard, or Aurora Beam will do. Aqua Ring would also be useful, thanks to that monstrous HP.

Dratini still seems a little premature. Still, for future reference, don't keep Surf or Dragon Pulse on him. Waterfall and Dragon Claw / Rush will work much better, as his Attack becomes much high than Defense. Two Dragon-type moves isn't needed, so coverage against weaknesses is great; Flamethrower being the Ice coverage option.

As for the last Pokemon, a Steel-type would be favorable, but a good old-fashioned Poison-type would, believe it or not, fit on this team nicely. If you have a buddy with Soulsilver, definitely get a Skarmory off of him. Catch a Gligar and trade him for it, as they're both version exclusives to their own game. For a Poison-type, use an Arbok. They're easily the most versatile Poison-type and their movepool is awesome. It seems like you're approaching the Elite 4 (I apologize if you beat the game already), and Arbok will really hinder Koga, who is known to always weaken you.

answered Jul 23, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~
If it's for in game, you don't really have to worry about stealth rock, right? You could throw flamethrower on Ho-oh since Sacred fire has low PP.