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Does this Battle Frontier team have good movesets? And do they work well together?

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Spritomb: ev trained in sp. defense. Leftovers
Memento- willing to replace
Dark pulse- good STAB
Will-o-the wisp- burning is good
Calm mind- great stat boost

Metagross: covers Altaria's weakness. Occa berry
Meteor mash- mega STAB
Pychic- STAB
Hammer arm- STRONG!
Magnet rise- protects from earthquake

Altaria: covers Metagross' weakness. White herb
Draco Meteor- wicked awesome STAB
Fly- willing to replace
Fire blast- covers Ice
Safeguard- good to have

Good movesets? Open to suggestions, except Earthquake and Stone Edge, I don't have them, saving up BP though.

asked Oct 4, 2010 by Xx_RAYQUAZA-POOP_xX

2 Answers

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Replace Magnet Rise on Metagross. Not that nccasary really. Altaria you could get away with using Fly as your foes are fairly stupid ingame. I would however suggest replacing it with Salamence, being much better. Safeguard also isn't that useful. FLamthrower is better to have than Blast due to one miss leading to your defeat. Of course you should replace Memento on Spiritomb for Shadow Ball, no need to sacrifice yourself and put yourself at any disadvantage. Zen Headbutt is probably a better option than Psychic. Add Earthquake to Metagross as well for that Magnet Rise when you can, although you have to add something else for now. I would replace Hammer Arm for Agility.

answered Oct 4, 2010 by trachy
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Here is what I would have:


Dark Pulse (STAB, High Power, High Accuracy, 20% chance of flinching)

Shadow Ball (STAB, Ghost Type of Dark Pulse exept instead of flinching it's 20% chance of the opponents Special Defence to decrease)

Calm Mind (Raises Power for Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball)

Will-o-Wisp/Toxic (For dealing with Damage each turn)


Rest (Natural Cure should heal it on switching out)

Solarbeam (Use this with a Power herb to deal with Rock and Ice weaknesses)

Dragon Pulse (STAB, High Power, High Accuracy)

Swift (Infinity Accuracy)


Zen Headbutt (STAB, 20% chance of flinching)

Sandstorm (If opponent isn't Rock, Ground or Steel, this can be pretty good)

Meteor Mash (STAB, High Power, 20% chaance of increasing Attack)

Choice of Move

answered Oct 4, 2010 by Pokemon Master 9999