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Any suggestions for my new dream world team ?

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Ok so I got allmost all of the pokemon I want to start my team :

charizard , espeon , ninetails , blazeiken , leafeon , berloom

mostly this team is based on ninetails drought charizards abilety and leafeons abilety and the rest of the pokemons move (E.G morning light,blaze kick) all moves are getting powerd up but I feel that I need a water type or something but water type will be weakennd in my team and all the rest of the types are useless so if someone can recommend me anything I don't care if its DW or not I need a got replacement for berloom or leafeon mybe something like a wall but here is the original teams plan :

ninetails-special tank modest
abilety: drought


flamethrower-STAB+sun light

solarbeam-use of drought, coverge

extrasnssory-for verity

calm mind -great boost

berloom-anoyer\physical sweeper jolly


mach punch-STAB+boost

spore-good night

bulk up/synthisis-while the opponet is asleep I can bulk up or get a geat use of sunlight I don't know whats better

bullet seed- STAB+boost

charizard-special sweeper timid
abilety:solar power


hidden power (ground)-double covrege+great boost of solar power=deadlly

flamethrower-charizards signeture move !! STAB

solarbeam-use the light !

dragon pulse-good for the verity

leafeon-physical sweeper/tank impish


leaf blade-STAB

synthisis-use the light !

substitute-safty first

sword dance-boost

blazeiken-physical sweeper admant
abilety: speed boost


blaze kick-STAB

protect-get a free turn of speed boost

hi jump kick-powerfull STAB

shadow claw-coverge

espeon-special sweeper timid
abilety:magic bounce



morning sun-great use of sunlight

hidden power (fighting)-coverge

shadow ball-coverge

so everything is coverd but I may need a good wall instead of berloom and I need people to recommend me some other good movesets and help me decide with berloom
so please help me :)

asked Apr 7, 2011 by charizard
Your  team is based on ninetales drought... if an oppenent pokemon knows rain dance your team is over...
Yeah, its called a sun team. I have my own.

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You do notice that you have huge weaknesses in Psychic, Water, and Rock types. Also, what are you going to do if a Tyranitar or Drizzle Politoad comes in, you are basically screwed in every way. One question I have is why Breloom since this is a Sun team as well as Espeon? They do not fit in a Sun Team. What I would suggest is getting rid of those two and add Pokemon that benefit from the Sun, Bellosom for example. Also, add Sunny Day to one of your Pokemon in case of other Entry hazards. I wouldn't say its a good team but it isn't bad either. You also need more type variety to fill your weaknesses.

Pokemon that I suggest in your team are
Chlorophyll users, DW Venusaur with Giga Drain to be exact
Pokemon to take out your weaknesses, Water types even though they are bad in the Sun
A Wall/Annoyer, that is what you definately need, Bronzong since it can learn Sunny Day/Rain Dance and major defences(I really recommend Bronzong, so I will give you a set for it)

Sunny Day-Needed
HP Water/Ground/Fire or Solarbeam
Psychic/Flash Cannon

Try that and I hope this helps....

answered Apr 8, 2011 by &Shining Yin
selected Nov 4, 2012 by &Shining Yin