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How should I fix my Teirless Sand Team?

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Okay to start off the generic Hipowdon

Hippowdon @Focus Sash
Ev's:252 Defense 252 Sp. Defense 6 HP
Impish Nature
Trait: Sand Stream
Stealth Rock (No matter what this will always hit with focus sash)
Stone Edge (Coverage)
Earthquake (STAB)
Roar (To fully use SR)

Next up to bat is my TROLOLOLOLO pokemon. He can take out even the best of sweepers.

Cacturne @leftovers
Ev's: 252 Def. 252 Sp. Def. 6 HP
Impish Nature
Trait: Sand Veil (He'll avoid attack booya)
Leech Seed (My first Attack to sap some health)
Protect (to heal with Leech seed and leftovers)
Toxic (To bring in damage every turn)
Synthesis (To heal)

Next is my sweeper in a sense that he can take down most teams alone.
Stoutland @Life orb
Ev's: 252 Att. 124 Speed 124 Defense 6 HP
Adamant Nature
Trait: Sand Rush (Makes him speedy and scary)
Fire Fang (Coverage)
Crunch (Coverage)
Roar (Stealth Rock help)
Hyper Voice (STAB)

Next is my Coverage pokemon who can be used as a wall

Gastrodon @Leftovers
Ev's: 252 Defense 252 Sp. Def. 6 Hp
Impish Nature
Trait: Sand Force (Which makes my Ground STAB epic)
Earthquake (100pwr + STAB + Sand Force = Sweeper Move)
Stone Edge (Gets Sand Force Bonus)
Muddy Water (STAB + Coverage)
Toxic (Just in Case)

Next Up Is a Fire type i could use if neccisary

Darmanitan @Flame Orb
Ev's: 252 Speed 252 Attack 6 HP
Brave Nature
Trait: Zen Mode
Earthquake (coverage)
Flamethrower (STAB)
Focus Blast (Coverage)
Protect (Used to see what the opponet is going to do so i can switch to the best postion)

Lastly is my earthquake taker. with levitate i can switch and absorb the earthquake
Flygon @Sitrus Berry
Ev's: Attack 252 Def. 252. HP 6
Jolly Nature
Trait: Levitate
Dragon Pulse (STAB)
Sandstorm (in case the opponet uses a weather move)
Stone Edge (Coverage)

asked Jul 24, 2012 by LinooneTate
retagged Sep 5, 2012
Flame Orb is useless. Nothing is going to be Tricking Darmanitan. Go with either Life Orb or Scarf.
Also, Hippowdon is bulky enough that it doesn't need Sash. If you come up against a OHKO attack, just switch out (although your team is incredibly frail.) Reeplace members of the team for bulkier members, such as Ferrothorn, Reuniculus, Cradily.
okay what should hippowdon hold then?

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We need to do something with yor Stoutland. If it has an ADAMANT nature so you must use physicall attacks.

Ev's: 252 Att. 124 Speed 124 Defense 6 HP
Adamant Nature
Trait: Sand Rush (Makes him speedy and scary)
Fire Fang (Coverage)
Crunch (Coverage)
Wild Charge (Water and Ice moves will be a headache for you)
You should use Return (STAB and more dangerous than Hyper Voice)

Gastrodon is a good election because you will face a lot of water teams with stab moves

Ev's: 252 Defense 252 Sp. Def. 6 Hp
Careful Nature
Trait: Storm Drain (When hit with a Water-type move your special attack is boosted.You don't need Sand Force because you are using it as a wall)
Ice Beam (Combined with Scald works well)
Recover (No comments)
Scald (STAB + It may burn)
Toxic (Help with walls)

Flygon is well but in my opinion you should change "Dragon Pulse" and add Dragon Claw. And possibly EV'S to Speed.

You must get rid of that Darmanitan, a better option is
Excadrill@Chople Berry/Life Orb/Air Ballon (you decide your necessity) UBER
Adamant Nature
Trait: Sand Rush
Sword Dance (An useful attack to be a monster)
X-Scissor (Coverage in GRASS types)
Earthquake (STAB and the most amazing attack)
Rock Slide (It works really great with Earthquake)

Rhyperior is great because it has a great Atk and Def. It's problem falls in it's poor Special Defense and Speed. Remember the Sand Storm boosts the special defense of Rock Type Pokémon (50%).

Ev's: 252 Attack. 48 Speed. Defense 208 HP
Adamant Nature
Trait: Solid Rock (Reduces damage from super effective hits by 1/4. That's perfect to it's Special Defense in Sand Storm )
Earthquake (Combo with Rock Blast/Stone Edge)
Rock Blast or Stone Edge ( Rock Blast to break Substitutes or Stone Edge if wou want)
Megahorn (Coverage)
Dragon Tail/Roar (Phaze and help the Stealth Rocks)

Lucario is a decent sweeper in Sand Storm by special side. It is inmune to toxic, sandstorm and give you stab moves differents.

Lucario@Life Orb/Focus Sash
Ev's : 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Timid Nature
Trait: Steadfast
Nasty Plot
Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse
Hidden Power Ice or Psychic

answered Jul 25, 2012 by muozedero
edited Jul 25, 2012 by muozedero
If you're adding Excadrill, might as well add Arceus-Rock.