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Help With My Team Black/White

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Snorlax(M)@Lum Berry
Ability:Thick Fat
EV's:HP 252/Defense 252/Sp.Defense 6
-Rest(When hes weak full HP!)
-Snore(When hes asleep i can still attack)
-Toxic(Poison the foe and wait it out)
-Surf(Something to attack with)
Snorlax,hes a wall.Hit them with toxic and wait them out.Thats all i can say.

Ability:Poison Point
EV's:Sp.Attack 252/Attack 252/Speed 6
-Bounce(To take care of grass types)
-Poison Jab(Poison and STAB)
-Hydro Pump(Great water move)
Keep the poison coming with poison jab.Bounce will take care of grass types.

Breloom(M)@Toxic Orb
Ability:Poison Heal
EV's:Attack 252/Speed 6/Defense 252
-Sky Uppercut(Great move and can hit pokemon using fly)
-Seed Bomb(STAB)
-Mind Reader(For the move below)
-Dynamic Punch(Powerful and can confuse)
Powerful melee hitter.With toxic orb and poison heal he keeps getting HP.

Magmortar(F)@Shell Bell
Ability:Flame Body
EV's:Sp.Attack 252/Attack 252/Speed 6
-Thunderbolt(Get rid of water type)
-Earthquake(Powerful ground move)
-Psychic(Powerful psychic move)
Hes here to take care of a wide range of types.

Calvantula(M)@Scope Lens
EV's:Sp.Attack 252/Speed 252/Attack 6
-Electroweb(Slow down the foe and decent damage)
-Bug Buzz(STAB)
-Slash(Good critical hit radio)
To slow down and dealing damage.

Skarmory(F)@Quick Claw
Ability:Keen Eyes
EV's:Sp.Defense 252/Speed 252/Defense 6
-Spikes(Set up)
-Stealth Rock(Set up)
-Roar(Extra damage with spikes and stealth rock
-Fly(STAB and can make a foes move miss)
This is my set up.Spikes and stealth rock for set up.Roar will force a switch and will deal set up damage.

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Great effort on the team but visually it looks cluttered. You may want to edit in spaces between each pokemon, and use this format for representing a Pokemon

Skarmory (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Keen Eyes
EV's: 252 Atk. \ 252 Def. \ 4 HP
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
-Brave Bird
-Stealth Rock

Then write a description, and space to make room for another member of the team. Just makes it easy on the eyes, you know?
P.S. This team looks like a multi-regional team, rather then Gen. V. Good work though.
its supposed to be multi regional
Mind if I rate this?
I am going to help you out with this.

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for snorlax, you could give him return instead of surf. its a srong stab pshysical move

for qwikfish, you could make it a full psysical
instead of hydro and surf, you might with aqua tail
and you could put toxic on there too.

for magmortar, you could give him the expert belt. give super effective moves a boost

for garvantula, you could give him the damp rock, and replace slash with rain dance and thunderbolt with thunder.

and you might want to lead with skarmery

just some sugestions

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Galvantula would get raped if he tried to set up rain dance, and his thunder has 91% accuracy anyway. And on snorlax you would want body slam.
why not return? with full happiness it has a power of 102.
Body Slam has para-hax, it's more useful.
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This Pokemon is a Great Special wall, but it should not be the lead. Even for in game Story mode, this guy could be set up on and/or preyed on by Physical attackers (Lax Aint Got Da Defenses). I would suggest a Curser set with a ChestRest strategy
•Body Slam

but for your approach,use this moveset
•Sleep Talk
•Body Slam
•Fire Punch

What a good choice. Great Physical Attacker. Just dont use your set; it is completley walled by Poison type, and Mind Reader+Dynamic Punch is a bit Gimmicky due to Brelooms low defenses.
• Drain Punch
• Seed Bomb
• Spore / Swords Dance
• Thunder Punch

Not much to say about this guy; I dont know much about him. But based off of my experience in RU, he could benefit more with his DW ability, Intimidate. I would suggest this moveset
•Swords Dance
•Aqua Jet
•Poison Jab

Like suggested before, use an Expert Belt. And I do not understand why you would use a Physical move on a SPECIAL attacker. Save 252 and drop the attack EV's for Speed, and Earthquake for Hidden Power Ground.

Ugh... Slash, really? Man, Golurk would completely wall this set! Dont put a Physical move on Special attacker. I understand that you are trying to make this guy mixed, but no. 75 Base attack is mediocre; not to mentionit scores no coverage. Rock/Ground type would walk all over your set, so use this.
•Bug Buzz
•Thunder Wave
•Energy Ball
Now before you look at Thunder's low Accuracy, note that Galvantula's Ability, Compoundeyes, raises it. You said that you wanted to "Slow Down [the Foe]"? Paralysis (Thunder Wave) 1/2 Speed. Energy Ball murders cocky Rock type. And dont worry about Fire Type, Qwilfish has it down, given he doesnt die.

Skarmory is fine.

1/2 of this team has a weakness to Fire type. Dont worry though, Qwilfish is somewhat of a counter, and Snorlax's Thick Fat allows it to resist Fire type moves (Special)
Hope I helped

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On galvantula you would want volt switch instead of thunder wave, and give it a scarf.
i would reccomend using a Braivary or if this is Multi-National i would use staraptor