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RATE MY OU TEAM!!! this team is a KILLER

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INFERNAPE(lead) hasty evs 252 spd 200 atk 54 spatk(items=life orb)


1.hp(ice)=common switches like gliscor prey on infernape/same with mence
2.Close combat=main move/STAB=this is infernapes MAIN move (good against blissey)
3.overheat=STAB=cripples skamory,ferrothorn,etc
4.uturn=scout the hll outa there
MAGNEZONE(steel killer) modest
evs 252 hp 252spatk 4spd item=leftovers)

(ability=magnet pull)

1.tbolt=well for the STAB plus OKO some pokes that dont resist
2.flash cannon=dem rock types
3.volt switch=well to scout out of there of course+effective on gyrados
4.hp fire=to destroy those steel types of course

salamence(mixed SIGNATURE) naive evs 252 spd 200 atk 54spatk (item=life orb


1.dragon claw(STAB)=destroys other dragons and others that dont resist it
2.fire blast=cripples skamory and others steels etc
3.equake=electrics(jolteon/etc) and other coverages such as fire
4.Dragon dance=boosts speed and attack!!!! REAL USEFUL

gengar (Special sweeper) timid evs 252 spd 252 spatk 4hp(item=life orb)

(ability levitate)

1.shadow ball(STAB)= against ghosts,starmie,reuniclus,and others that dont resist
2.icy wind=against dragons and gliscor :p
3.tbolt=gyrados and other water types
4.focus blast=does MASSIVE against ferrothorn
scizor (physical sweeper) adamant evs 252 atk 252 hp 4spd (item=choice band)


1.bullet punch=goes first (STAB) goes
2.uturn(STAB)=OKOs reuniclus (will scout when enemy switches)
3.superpower=OKO ferrothorn and other steel and rocks
4.pursuit=espeon and alakazam and reuniclus will switch out / and scizor will pursuit them
staraptor (scout/revenge killer) *jolly/adamant 252 Atk 252 spd 4hp) (item choice scarf)

(ability =r eckless)

1.uturn=main scouter move
2.brave bird= +(STAB) = OKO others that dont resist will also OKO conkeldurr
3.double edge=same with brave bird(STAB)
4.Close combat=Coverage

Please rate my team !!! :)

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Close combat would hit blissey WAY harder than brave bird.
Probopass? Seriously?! Take Magnezone for your Steel-killer.
Brave Bird does not OHKO Blissey.
Depends on the EVs of Blissey. It will OHKO the rarer 252 Special Defense but not the 252 Defense.
You're also missing an item on Staraptor. And please don't use Abbreviations for moves. Just write out Dragon Dance and Close Combat. It makes it easier on our less metagame savvy users.
sorry guys!!!!! >.< i have edit it ... and no probopass is way better than magnezone thank you very much.and thanks for mentioning that staraptors missing an item. :)
Nope, Magnezone is way better. You could even compare them. I'll ask a Q right now.
yea yea im removing probopass :)
No walls, I see a physical wall with will o wisp killing you.
._. i need to edit my team >_<
That's an awesome team, I would say ;)

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