Compound Eyes (ability)

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Compound Eyes raises the ability-bearer's accuracy by 30%.


In Generations 3-5, this ability's name was formatted as Compoundeyes.

Outside of battle

If a Pokémon with Compound Eyes is leading the party Pokémon, the chance that a wild Pokémon is holding an item increases by 50%.

Game descriptions

Generation 3 Raises accuracy.
Generation 4 The Pokémon’s accuracy is boosted.
Generation 5 The Pokémon’s accuracy is boosted.
Generation 6 Boosts the Pokémon's accuracy.

Pokémon with Compound Eyes

2nd ability
Hidden ability
012 Butterfree Tinted Lens
048 Venonat Tinted Lens Run Away
193 Yanma Speed Boost Frisk
290 Nincada Run Away
595 Joltik Unnerve Swarm
596 Galvantula Unnerve Swarm
664 Scatterbug Shield Dust Friend Guard
666 Vivillon Shield Dust Friend Guard

Compound Eyes as a hidden ability

Other abilities
269 Dustox Shield Dust