Serene Grace (ability)

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Serene Grace doubles the chance of moves' secondary effects occurring - specifically stat changes, status ailments, or flinching.

Serene Grace does not affect a user's critical hit ratio, nor the move Secret Power. It does not increase chances of effects from held items, but those effects may still occur.


Shadow Ball normally has a 20% chance of lowering Special Defense; with Serene Grace it is boosted to a 40% chance.

Air Slash has a 30% of causing the target to flinch; with Serene Grace it is boosted to a 60% chance. If the item King's Rock is held, it does not increase that percentage, but rather if the move does not cause flinching (40% chance), then there is a further 10% chance the target will flinch from King's Rock. This means Serene Grace with Air Slash and King's Rock gives a total probability of 64% that the opponent will flinch.

Game descriptions

Promotes added effects.
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.
Black 2/White 2
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearing.
X/Y Boosts the likelihood of additional effects occurring.

Pokémon with Serene Grace

2nd ability
Hidden ability
113 Chansey Natural Cure Healer
175 Togepi Hustle Super Luck
176 Togetic Hustle Super Luck
206 Dunsparce Run Away Rattled
242 Blissey Natural Cure Healer
385 Jirachi
440 Happiny Natural Cure Friend Guard
468 Togekiss Hustle Super Luck
492 Shaymin
Sky Forme
648 Meloetta
Aria Forme
648 Meloetta
Pirouette Forme

Serene Grace as a hidden ability

Other abilities
585 Deerling Chlorophyll
Sap Sipper
586 Sawsbuck Chlorophyll
Sap Sipper