Pokemon Black & White starters

Pokemon Black & White — 01 June, 2010

A little while back the starters for the upcoming fifth generation games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, were revealed. As is customary they are Grass/Fire/Water type.

Black and White starter Pokemon
The three starters for Black & White are the usual Grass, Fire and Water types

Tsutaaja is a Grass Snake Pokemon.
Pokabu is a Fire Pig Pokemon.
Mijumaru is a Sea Otter Pokemon.
That's the Japanese names; the English names have not yet been confirmed.

Tsutaaja's height is 0.6m and weight is 8.1kg. Its ability is Overgrow.
Pokabu's height is 0.5m and weight is 9.9kg. Its ability is Blaze.
Mijumaru's height is 0.5m and weight is 5.9kg. Its ability is Torrent.

The abilities are the same as every other starter pokemon; they power up moves of their respective types when HP is below ⅓.

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