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How do I find the following Pokémon in B2W2?

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I need to see the following Pokémon from the New Unova Pokédex to fill it up completely. Appearantly Prof. Juniper gives me something if I see every Pokémon from the New Unova Pokédex. Please avoid telling me what it is, due to I don't like spoilers. By the way, I play Black Version 2. Anyway, here is the list of Pokémon I need to meet (it doesn't necessarily have to be wild).

(I don't hack, so for this "guy", I will just wait until the event comes out...which is when?)

asked Nov 8, 2012 by SzupR
Meloetta is out already, but only as an event Pokemon in Japan/ S. Korea/ Taiwan. As for U.S./ Europe, not sure. (<a href="">Source</a>)

<a href="">Serebii</a>'s B2W2 Pokedex gives locations to every Pokemon, both trainer and wild.

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This is all locations. Off the top of my head. Any mistakes then I apologise.

Oshawott - Aspertia City Starter/Trade
Samurott - Evolve Oshawott> Dewott>Samurott
Skitty - White 2 Castelia City Central Grass
Espeon - Evolve Eevee With High Friendship During The Day
Rufflet - White 2, Breed Braviary from route 4
Trapinch - Reversal Mountain Outside light coloured grass
Cubchoo - Cath Beartic In Twist Mountain and Breed with ditto for an egg.
Gliscor - Trade from B/W/ Level up
Spheal - Undella Bay (Winter)
Seleo - Undella (Bay Winter)
Vulpix - Abundant Shrine
Ninetales - Abundant Shrine/Evolve Vulpix
Bronzong - Abundant Shrine
Delibird - Giant Chasm Inside Cave
Slakoth - Pinwheel Forest
Slaking - Pinwheel Forest Rustling Grass
Corphish - Surfing on the lake in Striaton City.
Yanmega - Pinwheel Forest Outside Rustling Grass
Croagunk - PinwheelForest Outside
Tyranitar - Route 15
Meloetta Japan Event.US/EUROPE FUTURE EVENT?/ Trade

answered Nov 8, 2012 by PKMNslyr
edited Nov 10, 2012 by Aura Warrior
Trapinch can be found in the desert resort, but very rarely.
You can find delibird at the side entrance to victory road where the fog is heavy.
Simply adding, Meloetta is not needed to complete the Dex, nor are the other event Pokemon.
Also I missed Corphish. You can get it surfing on the lake in Striaton City. (Crawdaunt is by surfing over the same water bhut rippling).
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Use this link it may take a bit, but it will help you.
PS. I have some of those pokes. I can trade with you if you want.
(This depends if we meet on chat)
Hope this helps!

Just keep searching!

answered Nov 8, 2012 by Sciz