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For the EVs given from Join Avenue (Dojo), is there a limit to how many EVs can be given?

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Is it capped, like the Vitamins? Or is it unlimited until I hit 255?

asked Nov 22, 2012 by Mewderator
They give EVS at join ave.? Kewl!
Yeah, they do. Have you seen "Attack LV 4" or something that in your Dojo?
Its 4 Attack EVs, essentially.

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In the Dojo, you can give Pokémon level ups or stat boosts. Do I assume the stat boosts are Effort Values, since you can't give them to party members past certian points, like Vitamins.

So its like Vitamins, they stop after a certain point.


answered Nov 22, 2012 by Aura Warrior
selected Nov 25, 2012 by Mewderator
Can you find a specific number that they stop at?
Sure ill look into it