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Is there a way to get Entei Raikou and Suicune in BW2?

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Question says all.

asked Dec 12, 2012 by Why_You_No?!
edited Dec 13, 2012 by Aura Warrior

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No way to get it Ingame, though you can get it 4 different ways. Here they are...

1.Do the simple thing and trade from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver
2.Get it over the wifi room with a friend.
3.get it from a friend or a random person over GTS Negotiations
4. In black and white, there as an event to get these beasts in shiny form, trade from your black or white game to get a shiny one.

answered Dec 12, 2012 by Megaflygon
edited Dec 13, 2012 by Aura Warrior
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Nope. The only way is to get one from HG/SS or GTS
source: experience

answered Dec 12, 2012 by CWegz
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