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Can the move return help a Riolu evolve if used?

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this can help me get a Lucario in my future white 2. Please help!

asked Dec 15, 2012 by ↠♥kawaiian♡
lol did this cuz answer takes moderation but no. return doesnt raise friendship instead if riolu is friendly return will be strong however ways to are: join avenue cafe and salon, winning a battle and leveling up,keep the riolu in the party massages in castelia soothe bells and paticipate in musicals
thanks you guys, real help thanks ;-)

1 Answer

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No Return doesn't raise happiness. It's power depends on how friendly Riolu is towards you.

Here are some ways to raise happiness:
-Join Avenu shops
-Winning a battle
-Keeping it in your party
-Massage person in Castila City
-Have it hold a Sooth Bell

answered Dec 15, 2012 by $tarPower
selected Dec 29, 2013 by ↠♥kawaiian♡
You forgot nicknaming your pokemon
Nicknames don't effect happiness