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What is a good Little Cup moveset for Dwebble?

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I'm thinking of using him to set up entry hazards.

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2 Answers

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Dwebble @ Oran Berry
enter image description here

Trait: Sturdy
EV's: 36 HP/236 Atk/236 Spd
Nature: Jolly

  • Stealth Rock
  • Spikes
  • Rock Blast
  • X-Scissor/Earthquake

Dwebble is one of the best Pokemon in LC for laying down entry hazards, especially on offensive teams. With Jolly and max Speed, Dwebble hits 16 Speed, allowing it to outrun the majority of the tier. Sturdy allows Dwebble to practically always get at least one layer of Spikes or Stealth Rock down, and very frequently two. Rock Blast works well with Dwebble's usable attack stat; it gives Dwebble a move hurt opposing Dwebble leads with, and helps to discourage other Pokemon from setting up on it.

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since you want to set up hazards

-stealth rock
-rock blast
-iron defense

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