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Hey, glad you asked :D

Here are the current rules:

  • Competitive movesets only, not in-game (although by extension, a good competitive moveset will likely be good in game).

  • Specify the format/metagame that the set is for. Say whether it's for OU, UU, VGC, Monotype, etc.

  • Remember to include ability and EVs. Natures and held items are also good to have.

  • A bit of explanation is useful (not required, but a sentence or two is good).

  • If a Pokemon has multiple forms (e.g. Meowstic, Mega Evos) remember to specify which one the set is for.

  • One moveset per answer only, so different sets can be upvoted separately. You can answer multiple times on one question.

  • Make sure to check the current answers in case the same moveset has already been posted.

  • No big pictures in answers, please stick to one sprite max. We have sprites for Sun/Moon up now, they can be found here.

  • If your moveset is not for the current generation, it is helpful to mention which generation it belongs to.

  • Movesets for Pokemon that are not yet fully evolved belong on their final form/s' page. So, movesets for Scyther should be on Scizor's moveset pages. This is to prevent excessive clutter.

  • Make sure nobody else already posted the exact same set. Because this happens sometimes.

Your posts might be modified or removed if they do not follow these rules -- make sure you follow them!

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