Pokémon Sun & Moon

Pokémon marks its 20th Anniversary with a new, seventh generation of games, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. It's a brand new adventure in the Alola region, with new Pokémon to catch and more to discover.


Release date 18th November 2016 (Worldwide)
23rd November 2016 (Europe)
Platform 3DS
Director Shigeru Ohmori
New Pokémon 81
Alolan Forms 18
Z-Moves 29
Pokemon Sun box art featuring Solgaleo Pokemon Moon box art featuring Lunala
Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon box art

Major features

Alolan Forms

Many Pokémon from previous games have new forms in Alola. For the most part, this is a case of Pokémon adapting to the different climate in the Alola region. So far only Pokémon from Generation 1 have been shown with Alolan Forms.


A new battle mechanic is available with Z-Moves. During the games, Z-Crystals can be obtained, then if a Pokémon holds the crystal and knows a move of that type, it can use a Z-Move which are very powerful attacks. Z-Moves can only be used once per battle, however.

There is one Z-Crystal per type, but several Pokémon have exclusive Z-Moves - for example Raichu can use Stoked Sparksurfer.

Battle Royal

Pokémon Sun & Moon add a new battle format called Battle Royal. In this format, four players battle against each other simultaneously. Each player has three Pokémon and sends out one at a time. Each Pokémon on the field can attack any of the other three. The battle is over as soon as one player's Pokémon have all fainted - then the winner is decided by how many Pokémon each team KO'd and how many are left on each team.

Hyper Training

Pokémon X & Y introduced Super Training, a mini-game where Pokémon could train to increase their EVs more quickly. Sun & Moon expand on this with Hyper Training which allows level 100 Pokémon to increase their Individual Values (IVs), the hidden stats that are usually unique to every Pokémon.

Ultra Beasts

Ultra Beasts are mysterious, powerful creatures that could pose a threat to humans and Pokémon in Sun & Moon. Research is being conducted on them so they all have code names such as UB-01.

Poké Finder

This new feature allows taking photos of Pokémon found throughout Alola. The better the pictures taken, the more features for the camera are unlocked. Sometimes rare Pokémon seen with Poké Finder can be captured.

Poké Pelago

A new feature for your PC boxes comes in the form of Poké Pelago. Pokémon that have been places in the PC can visit a variety of isles to explore and play. Developing the facilities on the islands will allow you to obtain items and collect more Pokémon.

Festival Plaza

This is the new center for communication features, which bears some similarities to the Join Avenue from Pokémon Black/White 2. You can show people around the Plaza, buy items for your Pokémon, dye your own clothes, complete missions, as well as battle and trade!

Pokémon Refresh

Improving on Pokémon Amie from X & Y, Pokémon Refresh allows you to care for your Pokémon. Pokémon can be brushed clean, fed Poké Beans, and even be cured of status ailments like poisoning or paralysis.

Other details

  • Pokémon Sun & Moon add Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) to the language options when you start the game.
  • The games take place in a new region, Alola, based on Hawaii. There are four main islands, two of which are Melemele Island and Akala Island.
  • The games are set 12 hours apart. Pokémon Sun follows the time set on the 3DS clock, while Pokémon Moon is always 12 hours later than the current time.

At the same real-life time, Pokémon Sun (left) will be day and Pokémon Moon (right) will be night, and vice-versa.

The Alola region map (click for larger version)

Image gallery

Pokémon Sun logo Pokémon Moon logo
Logos for Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon

The Alola region

Legendary from Pokémon Sun

Legendary from Pokémon Moon

A possible new bird Pokémon

A new location in Pokémon Sun/Moon

A new PokéCenter design

Some drawings of trucks with Pokémon including Blastoise and Machamp on the back