Z-Moves and their effects

Introduced in Pokémon Sun & Moon, Z-Moves are a special upgrade to Pokémon moves. They are much more powerful, but can only be used once per battle. They also require the Pokémon to hold a special Z-Crystal appropriate to that move's type. In addition, there are several special Z-Moves that are unique to certain Pokémon. Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon add some new Pokémon-exclusive Z-Moves.

Attacking moves (i.e. those in the Physical or Special category) are upgraded to more powerful attacking moves, while Status moves induce extra status effects. For example, Work Up raises Attack and Special Attack, but Z-Work Up raises Attack another stage, so the Pokémon would be at +2 Attack and +1 Special Attack.

Below we list every Pokémon move and what effect it has when a Pokémon uses that move with its Z-Power.

Typed Z-Moves

A Pokémon knowing a move of each type can use the corresponding Z-Move.

Move Type Z-Crystal
Breakneck BlitzNormal Normalium Z
All-Out PummelingFighting Fightinium Z
Supersonic SkystrikeFlying Flyinium Z
Acid DownpourPoison Poisonium Z
Tectonic RageGround Groundium Z
Continental CrushRock Rockium Z
Savage Spin-OutBug Buginium Z
Never-Ending NightmareGhost Ghostium Z
Corkscrew CrashSteel Steelium Z
Inferno OverdriveFire Firium Z
Hydro VortexWater Waterium Z
Bloom DoomGrass Grassium Z
Gigavolt HavocElectric Electrium Z
Shattered PsychePsychic Psychium Z
Subzero SlammerIce Icium Z
Devastating DrakeDragon Dragonium Z
Black Hole EclipseDark Darkinium Z
Twinkle TackleFairy Fairium Z

Unique Z-Moves

These Z-Moves are unique to specific Pokémon and moves.
* = exclusive to Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

Pokémon Move Type Category Power Z-Crystal
Pikachu CatastropikaElectricPhysical 210 Pikanium Z
Decidueye Sinister Arrow RaidGhostPhysical 180 Decidium Z
Incineroar Malicious MoonsaultDarkPhysical 180 Incinium Z
Primarina Oceanic OperettaWaterSpecial 195 Primarium Z
a Tapu Guardian of AlolaFairySpecial Tapunium Z
Marshadow Soul-Stealing 7-Star StrikeGhostPhysical 195 Marshadium Z
Alolan Raichu Stoked SparksurferElectricSpecial 175 Aloraichium Z
Snorlax Pulverizing PancakeNormalPhysical 210 Snorlium Z
Eevee Extreme EvoboostNormalStatus Eevium Z
Mew Genesis SupernovaPsychicSpecial 185 Mewnium Z
Pikachu in a cap 10,000,000 Volt ThunderboltElectricSpecial 195 Pikashunium Z
Kommo-o Clangorous Soulblaze*DragonSpecial 185 Kommonium Z
Lycanroc Splintered Stormshards*RockPhysical 190 Lycanium Z
Solgaleo or Dusk Mane Necrozma Searing Sunraze Smash*SteelPhysical 200 Solganium Z
Lunala or Dawn Wings Necrozma Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom*GhostSpecial 200 Lunalium Z
Ultra Necrozma Light That Burns the Sky*PsychicSpecial 200 Ultranecrozium Z
Mimikyu Let's Snuggle Forever*FairyPhysical 190 Mimikium Z

Moves with their Z-Power effects