Individual Values & Personality

Every Pokémon has two hidden numbers in their data, called Individual Value and Personality Value. They are random for every wild Pokémon you encounter and you can't change them. They determine a whole range of attributes including stats, gender, ability, nature and characteristics.

Individual Values

Individual Values (IVs for short) are key to determining your Pokémon's stats. IVs are randomly assigned when you encounter any wild Pokémon (or receive it as a gift or egg). You cannot change a Pokémon's IVs once caught and there is no way to know the exact IVs in-game.

IVs consist of six numbers corresponding to HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. Each range from 0-31 and the higher the number, the better your Pokémon's stat will be.

IVs also determine the type and strength of the move Hidden Power. In Pokémon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, you can find out what type Hidden Power would be for any Pokémon by showing it to a man in the game corner Prize Exchange building (Veilstone City for Platinum, Celadon City for HG/SS).

Personality Values

Personality Values were introduced in Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire). Like IVs they are a random number assigned to the Pokémon upon encountering or receiving it. They determine most of a Pokémon's attributes:

Pokémon Characteristics

Characteristics are another in-game barometer of key strengths. In your Pokémon's summary it will say one of the following messages, which tells you your Pokémon's best IV stat. For example, if it says Proud of its power then its Attack IV is higher than the other IVs.


  • Loves to eat
  • Takes plenty of siestas
  • Nods off a lot
  • Scatters things often
  • Likes to relax


  • Proud of its power
  • Likes to thrash about
  • A little quick tempered
  • Likes to fight
  • Quick tempered


  • Sturdy body
  • Capable of taking hits
  • Highly persistent
  • Good endurance
  • Good perseverance

Special Attack

  • Highly curious
  • Mischievous
  • Thoroughly cunning
  • Often lost in thought
  • Very finicky

Special Defense

  • Strong willed
  • Somewhat vain
  • Strongly defiant
  • Hates to lose
  • Somewhat stubborn


  • Likes to run
  • Alert to sounds
  • Impetuous and silly
  • Somewhat of a clown
  • Quick to flee

Note: Prior to Generation 6, the messages Takes plenty of siestas and Nods off a lot were mistranslated as Often dozes off and Often scatters things respectively.