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Gigantamax forms officially revealed

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 16 October, 2019

The Gigantamaxed forms seen earlier in CoroCoro have been revealed by TPCi in a new trailer. As well as Gigantamax Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard and Meowth, Gigantamax Butterfree was also shown. Here's the trailer:

  • Gigantamax Pikachu has the special move G-Max Volt Crash, which paralyzes all opponents. It can be obtained using play records from the game Let's Go Pikachu.
  • Gigantamax Eevee has G-Max Cuddle, which infatuates opposite-gender opponents. It can be obtained using play records from the game Let's Go Eevee.
  • Gigantamax Charizard has G-Max Wildfire, which causes damage to non-Fire types for 4 turns.
  • Gigantamax Butterfree has G-Max Befuddle, which causes poison, paralysis or sleep to each opponent.
  • Gigantamax Meowth has G-Max Gold Rush, which confuses all targets and gives back money (like Pay Day). This is an event form which can be obtained via Mystery Gift until January 15th 2020.

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Gigantamax forms revealed in CoroCoro

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 16 October, 2019

The cover of the latest issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro Ichiban has been revealed and features what appears to be Gigantamax forms for Eevee, Pikachu, Meowth and Charizard:

There is also an official announcement coming later today at 1pm UTC (6am PT/9am ET/2pm BST) which may feature details of these Pokémon. We'll bring you the news when it happens.

Pokémon GO Halloween & Regigigas events announced

General News — 14 October, 2019

Pokémon GO has announced multiple new events today! First up is a big event for Halloween, which runs from October 17th at 1pm PT (8pm UTC) until November 1st and includes the release of Pokémon Yamask and Darkrai, boosted spawns of Ghost and Dark type Pokémon, and costumed starter Pokémon. Full details below.

Next, is a short event from November 1st at 1pm PT (8pm UTC) until November 4th, which features the three Regis in 5* raids, with possible shiny. Plus other boosted spawns listed below.

The third event involves Regigigas - it will be appearing in EX Raids from November, however a special early-access ticket has been announced, priced at $7.99. The paid event runs from 11am to 7pm on November 2nd and gives Special Research named A Colossal Discovery and other features (see below).

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Galarian Ponyta officially revealed

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 09 October, 2019

Following the Pokémon Live Camera event last week, the new Pokémon seen on the stream has been confirmed to be Galarian Ponyta. It is Psychic type and has a new ability, Pastel Veil, which prevents it and its teammates from becoming poisoned.

Galarian Ponyta is exclusive to Pokémon Shield version (presumably as a counterpart to Sirfetch'd which is exclusive to Sword).

Galarian Ponyta

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Glimwood Tangle 'live-stream' reveals Galarian Ponyta

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 05 October, 2019

The 24 hour live-stream of the Glimwood Tangle forest has ended and it has revealed a new Pokémon! The stream was very sparse with Pokémon popping up on average only every 30 minutes or so. As the stream went on fleeting glimpses of something new were seen, but often obscured by something else like Impidimp walking through the shot.

Finally we got a good glimpse of a pony Pokémon that looks similar to Ponyta and has the same cry. Nothing has been fully confirmed yet but it's presumed to be Galarian Ponyta.

Galarian Ponyta

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'Live-stream' of Galar forest to reveal new Sword/Shield info

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 27 September, 2019

It has been announced that this Friday, a live-stream will be set up of Glimwood Tangle, a strange forest area in Galar. The aim is to apparently assist Sonia, one of the characters from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, with her research.

The live-stream will start from 1pm UTC (6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm BST) on October 4th and runs for 24 hours! Check in now and again and there is sure to be something new.

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New Galarian Form, Sirfetch'd, revealed

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 18 September, 2019

The "glitchy" Pokémon that was seen last week on the official site has been revealed to be Sirfetch'd. It is a Galar evolution of Farfetch'd and is exclusive to Pokémon Sword version.

Sirfetch'd is pure Fighting type with the ability Steadfast. It has a signature move, Meteor Assault, which is powerful but means Sirfetch'd is unable to take action after using it.

A video showing Sirfetch'd in action has been released:

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New "glitchy" Pokemon revealed via official website

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 13 September, 2019

A new Pokémon has supposedly been revealed on the Sword & Shield website - however, it appears as a pixelated image:

Unknown glitch Pokemon (click for animated version)

The Pokémon is listed as Fighting type with the ability Steadfast.

The URL segment, which normally has the Pokémon name in it, shows as zbpkxr1gw8, and the image filename is pq2ot9z9fh.gif. We'll bring more information as we get it.

Nintendo Direct reveals new Pokémon, camping and more

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 04 September, 2019

A Nintendo Direct has just aired and revealed new Pokemon and features on the upcoming games for Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Sword and Shield. A trailer has been released recapping what was in the Direct:

New Pokémon:

  • Polteageist, a Ghost type Pokémon.
  • Cramorant, a Flying/Water type Pokémon.
  • Alcremie is confirmed to come in multiple flavours - a green flavour was shown in the trailer.

There was also a new feature Pokémon Camp where you can play with your Pokémon, similar to Pokémon Amie or Pokémon Refresh from previous games. You can visit other players' camps and cook curry with up to four players.

Customization returns - your character's look can be changed in a variety of ways including clothing, hairstyles and makeup.

League Cards are a new collectible that are obtained from other trainers when battling them. You can customize your own League Card.

Alcremie forms - there are 16 in total

New video from Gamescom reveals minor details

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 20 August, 2019

A new video has been shown at Gamescom in Germany. Shigeru Ohmori, director of Sword & Shield, introduces a tour around an early town:

In the video we see:

  • The Pokémon Research Lab
  • A railway station (the player can also sit down like in X&Y)
  • The Pokémon Center
  • A store selling fresh produce
  • A clothes boutique
  • Plus some beautiful landscapes stretching off into the distance.

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New gameplay mechanics revealed at Pokemon World Championships

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 16 August, 2019

The Pokémon World Championships kick off this weekend and at the opening ceremony, Junichi Masuda revealed various new gameplay mechanics in Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield. A video has been released of these updates:

  • Galarian Weezing has a new ability, Neutralizing Gas, which cancels out the abilities of all Pokémon in battle.
  • Corviknight has a hidden ability, Mirror Armor, which reflects any stat-lowering effects.
  • A new move Breaking Swipe, which hits multiple opponents and lowers their attack.
  • A new move Steel Beam is listed on a screenshot of the online battle interface. It's presumed to be the English name for a move that was part of a naming competition in Japan. A Pokémon loses 50% of their HP when using this move.
  • A new held item Room Service which lowers the Pokémon's speed during Trick Room.
  • A new held item Eject Pack which switches out the Pokémon if its stats are lowered.

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New Sword/Shield trailer reveals Galarian Forms and rivals

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 07 August, 2019

A new trailer has dropped for Pokémon Sword and Shield, which reveals new Pokémon, Galarian Forms, new rivals and Team Yell.

New Pokémon:

  • Galarian Weezing is Poison/Fairy type and has industrial chimneys on its head. It has the ability Levitate and another that has not yet been revealed.
  • Galarian Zigzagoon and Galarian Linoone are Dark/Normal type and their stripes have turned black and white. They keepy their usual Pickup/Gluttony abilities.
  • Obstagoon is a new evolution for Galarian Linoone. It's Dark/Normal type and has the ability Reckless or Guts.
  • Morpeko is a Pikachu-like Pokémon that's Electric/Dark type. It has two forms - Full Belly Mode (looks happy) and Hangry Mode (looks angry). It has a new move - Aura Wheel which changes from Electric to Dark type in Hangry Mode. It has a new ability - Hunger Switch which facilitates this.

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