Pokémon spin-off games & apps

Besides the main Pokémon games, there are many additional games of different formats, from puzzle games to RPGs. We don't have information for many games as yet, but this is another section we're working on. Enjoy the ones below!

Spin-off pages

Pokémon Shuffle - lots of information on the Pokémon, abilities and stages from the free-to-play puzzle game.

Pokémon GO Pokédex - information for the augmented reality smartphone game, Pokémon GO.

Pokédex 3D - Pokédex app for the 3DS containing details for all Pokémon up to Generation 5.

Pokémon Bank & Poké Transporter - details on the 3DS apps for transferring Pokémon from Generation 5 to 6.

Other Pokémon games

Short list of the most popular spin-off games.