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New trailers for BDSP & Legends: Arceus reveal Pokétch & Noble Pokémon

Pokémon Legends: Arceus — 28 September, 2021

Two new trailers have dropped for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The BDSP trailer (further below) confirms various features that also appeared in the original DS games, including the Pokétch, Amity Square and Poffins, but with some improvements (see below).

The L:A trailer reveals several new features including Noble Pokémon:

A new Pokémon was revealed - Kleavor - a Hisuian evolution of Scyther. It is one of several Noble Pokémon that have received a mysterious blessing, but something is causing them to become frenzied.

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New information on BDSP and Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus — 18 August, 2021

A new Pokémon Presents has aired, giving information on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, plus various other Pokémon spin-offs. Here's the video:

Pokémon Legends: Arceus features several new Pokémon and forms. The game is set in the past in the Sinnoh region, but it is known as Hisui back then. The new Pokémon are:

One of the main aims of the game is to observe and catch Pokémon in this ancient region. Wild Pokémon may be battled using Strong Style, which increases power but lowers action speed, and Agile Style, which decreases power but raises speed.

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New games announced: Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl and Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus — 26 February, 2021

A new Pokémon Presents has just finished airing and announced two new games! The first is Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Pokémon Shining Pearl, remakes of the original Sinnoh games. They are in isometric 3D with a cartoony chibi style similar to Pokémon Let's Go, or the recent remake of the Zelda game, Link's Awakening. The gameplay, however, is faithful to the original games (rather than Let's Go).

Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are being made by ILCA rather than Game Freak, but is co-directed by Junichi Masuda from Game Freak (alongside Yuichi Ueda of ILCA). The games will be released in late 2021.

The second game announced was Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It's also set in the Sinnoh region but a very long time ago, when the Sinnoh regions was still a vast wilderness. The graphical style is similar to Pokémon Sword & Shield and the gameplay appears similar to the Wild Area in those games.

In this game the starters you can choose from are Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott - previously from separate generations. The aim of the game is to create the region's first Pokédex. Players will study Pokémon's behaviours and can seamlessly enter battle, to provide Trainers with an immersive experience. It will be released in early 2022.

Here is the full announcement video, which also features a great retrospective of the last 25 years of Pokémon!

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Pokémon launches 25th anniversary celebrations

General News — 13 January, 2021

This year, Pokémon turns 25 years old! It all started in February 1996 with the release of Pokémon Red & Green in Japan. Today, The Pokémon Company have begun their celebrations. A fun video was released in which a Poké Ball makes its way through various dioramas, containing highlights of past Pokémon games.

It was also announced that there will be a year-long music collaboration with Universal Music Group called P25 Music, headlined by pop star Katy Perry. There is a small hint of it at the end of the below video.

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Pokémon GO announces 'GO Beyond' with Seasons and Gen 6 Pokémon

General News — 18 November, 2020

Pokémon GO has announced several updates that they are calling GO Beyond, which starts in December.

The first is that Pokémon from the Kalos region - Generation 6 - are coming to the game. Specifically Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Bunnelby, Fletchling, and Litleo will appear in the wild or in eggs. Klefki will appear only in France. From December 2nd-8th they will be appearing more often. A mysterious Pokémon will also be appearing in 1* raids.

Go Seasons were also announced. Pokémon appearing in the games will now follow the seasons in the real world (i.e. December will be Winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere). The Pokémon available in the wild/eggs/raids will follow the season, such as the Deerling forms. GO Battle League will also follow the season.

There is also a level cap increase to Level 50. For lower level players it will be easier to level up, while level 40 players will need to complete extra challenges in addition to gaining XP (see below).

Some events have also been announced:

  • November 16th-24th: Cobalion, Terrakion & Virizion are in 5* raids.
  • November 17th-23rd: Pokémon HOME event where various Kanto Pokémon are more common, plus Pokémon that can be Ditto. Shiny Slowpoke is now available! Shiny Meltan is available from the Mystery Box. The box can be received by sending a Pokémon to Pokémon HOME or Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee.
  • November 18th-30th: 12 Days of Friendship event, featuring faster increases in friendship and an attack boost in raids with friends.
  • November 24th-30th: Lake Legends event with Uxie, Mesprit & Azelf in 5* raids. They are region-exclusive, but you can get ones from different regions using Remote Raid Passes, if invited by someone from that region. Pokémon commonly found near lakes will be more common, including Psyduck, Goldeen, Magikarp, Surskit, Starly, Bidoof & Shellos.
  • November 28th: Limited Research event featuring Nidoran♀ & Nidoran♂
  • November 18th-December 31st: Double XP for catching Pokémon!

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New video officially reveals Glastrier & Spectrier

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 06 November, 2020

Today the physical versions of Sword & Shield bundled with the Expansion Pass are released. The Pokémon Company have released a new video to promote it, which shows the new legendary Pokémon found in The Crown Tundra, Glastrier and Spectrier.

It highlights their abilities, Chilling Neigh and Grim Neigh, plus Calyrex's forms with the ability As One, as well as their signature moves Glacial Lance and Astral Barrage.

Official art was also released.

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The Crown Tundra now available!

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 23 October, 2020

The second part of the Pokémon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass, The Crown Tundra, is now available! It features several new Pokémon and many returning Pokémon. We are of course updating the site as fast as possible. You can check out the links below for information:

(Spoilers after continue)

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New trailer for The Crown Tundra

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 29 September, 2020

A new video has been released, providing more information on the upcoming Sword & Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra. The release date has been announced as October 22nd. For those that do not have Sword/Shield yet, a new bundle can be purchased with both the original game and EP being on the same cart; it will be released November 6th.

Every legendary from previous games will be available, the majority of which appear to be found in Pokémon Dens and can be battled in Max Raid Battles. Also announced was the Galarian Star Tournament where you can team up with notable trainers from Galar in a multi-battle tournament.

A new item, Ability Patch was revealed via the official site, which allows changing a Pokémon's ability to its Hidden Ability.

We also caught a glimpse of Galarian Slowking! Look out for it during the trailer or see the artwork below. Galarian Slowking has a new ability, Curious Medicine which resets all Pokémon's stat changes when it enters battle; and a new move Eerie Spell which deals damage and reduces the opponent's PP by 3.

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New game "Pokémon Unite" revealed

General News — 24 June, 2020

The latest Pokémon Presents has just finished airing, and it revealed a new Pokémon spin-off game called Pokémon Unite. Developed by Tencent Games and Timi Studios, it is a team-based multiplayer battle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

In Pokémon Unite there are two teams of five Pokémon. Each side has five goals which the opposing team must reach to score points. Points are also scored by catching wild Pokémon along the way. Each controllable Pokémon starts at level 1 and can level up, evolve, and learn new moves as the match progresses.

The full presentation including some gameplay can be seen here:

The Sword & Shield Expansion Pass has been released!

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 17 June, 2020

The first part of the Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword & Shield - The Isle of Armor - has been released. We're updating details as quickly as we can, and will list appropriate pages below.

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Pokémon Presents reveals several new games

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 17 June, 2020

A Pokémon Presents presentation has just finished airing, and it revealed many new games and apps.

First up was Pokémon Smile, a game for children to assist in brushing their teeth. Following that was Pokémon Cafe Mix a puzzle game in which you take the role of a cafe owner and must fulfil their orders by tackling various puzzles. It is will be available for Nintendo Switch or smartphones soon, and is free to start.

Next was New Pokémon Snap - a follow-up to the N64 game Pokemon Snap from 1999. Pokémon live of various islands and you must take photos of them. The game is still in development and no release date was provided.

A recap of recent changes in Pokémon GO were mentioned. It was announced that Victini and Mega Evolutions will be coming soon to the game. Galarian Farfetch'd is also available now.

Finally, to celebrate the launch of the Sword & Shield Expansion Pass, Zeraora will soon be available in a special Max Raid Battle. If one million players beat it, a shiny Zeraora will be given out.

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New trailer for Sword & Shield DLC reveals Galarian Slowbro

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 02 June, 2020

A new video has been released by The Pokémon Company. It features various Pokémon that will be found in the upcoming Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword & Shield, and reveals the launch date for the first part - The Isle of Armor - is June 17th.

The trailer starts with Galarian Slowbro, and then shows various adventuring through the Isle of Armor area. It's revealed that Urshifu has two Gigantamax forms - one red and one blue, for its Single-Strike Style and Rapid-Strike Style. More of the second part of the DLC - The Crown Tundra - is revealed.

Details on the new Pokémon and forms were also confirmed in a separate press release (artwork below):

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