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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announced!

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon — 06 June, 2017

A new Pokémon Direct has just finished airing, which revealed three sets of new games:

  • Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch, releasing September 22nd
  • Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon for 3DS, releasing November 17th
  • Pokémon Gold & Pokémon Silver for 3DS Virtual Console, also releasing September 22nd

Logos for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon

Pokken Tournament DX is mostly the same as the Wii U version, but includes some newer Pokémon from Sun/Moon such as Decidueye.

News about Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon was limited, but there will be a new storyline and legendary Pokémon Lunala and Solgaleo both have new Formes, which appear to have parts of Necrozma fused with them.

You can rewatch the Pokémon Direct below.

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Mythical Pokémon Marshadow officially revealed

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 08 April, 2017

The Pokémon Company has today officially revealed Marshadow, the mythical Fighting/Ghost type Pokémon. A very short video was released with a glimpse of Marshadow in-game:

Marshadow will feature in the upcoming movie, Pokémon! I Choose You! and will be distributed in Pokémon Sun & Moon at some point in the future (no word on distribution details yet).

Pokémon Sun & Moon now available!

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 18 November, 2016

Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon have been released worldwide today! I've been playing a lot of course, to gather information for the site, and I can say they are great. Reviews have been coming in from games magazines and the like, and they are very positive!

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon logos

Of course, we have all the information you need to aid you in your journey. We have all the new Pokémon, moves, abilities, locations and more! Note that they are mostly being kept separate for now to avoid spoilers, so you won't see the new Pokémon on the main Pokémon lists. The locations guide is also a work is progress, as encounters are quite complex this generation. Here are some of the significant pages you might want to check out:

Starter Z-Moves, Ultra Beasts, Alolan Diglett officially revealed

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 14 November, 2016

We're just a few days away from the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon, and more information has been revealed, mostly covering what was in CoroCoro magazine. A new video has been released:

Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina have exclusive Z-Moves Sinister Arrow Raid, Malicious Moonsault, and Oceanic Operetta respectively. New Ultra Beasts UB-03 Lighting and UB-05 Guzzlord are revealed.

Alolan Dugtrio, which can be seen in the Sun/Moon demo, is Ground/Steel type, as is Alolan Diglett. They can have Sand Veil or the new ability Tangling Hair, which decreases a foe's Speed when hit by a contact move.

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More Ultra Beasts and starter Z-Moves revealed in CoroCoro

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 11 November, 2016

The final CoroCoro before the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon has been leaked. It shows two new Ultra Beasts which are version exclusives, and one mysterious new Pokémon (that looks like an Ultra Beast). It also finally reveals the starters' secret they mentioned several months ago - they each have their own Z-Move!

Ultra Beasts from Sun (left) and Moon (right)

The starters exclusive Z-Moves are used with their signature moves revealed last month:

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Final evolutions of the Sun/Moon starters revealed!

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 27 October, 2016

The final evolutions of the starter Pokémon in Sun/Moon have been revealed, along with the four guardians of Alola:

  • Decidueye is Grass/Ghost and based on an archer. It has a unique move Spirit Shackle which prevents the opponent switching out.
  • Incineroar is Fire/Dark and based on a wrestler. It has a unique move Darkest Lariat which ignores the opponent's stat changes.
  • Primarina is Water/Fairy and based on a siren. It has a unique move Sparkling Aria which heals the burns of its target.
  • Tapu Lele is the Guardian of Akala Island. It's Psychic/Fairy type with a new ability Psychic Surge which creates a Psychic Terrain.
  • Tapu Bulu is the Guardian of Ula'ula Island. It's Grass/Fairy type with a new ability Grassy Surge which creates the effects of Grassy Terrain.
  • Tapu Fini is the Guardian of Poni Island. It's Water/Fairy type with a new ability Misty Surge which creates the effects of Misty Terrain.
  • Cosmog is a new Psychic type Pokemon with the ability Unaware. It shares a similarity with the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala.
  • Alolan Persian was also confirmed, and is Dark type like Alolan Meowth.

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New Pokémon revealed via TCG packaging

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 18 October, 2016

A potential new Pokémon has been accidentally revealed on the side of an expansion pack collection for the trading card game. The product is listed on Amazon Japan; here's a close-up:

We'll bring more details if and when we get them.

Side note: don't forget that the Sun & Moon demo releases tomorrow (Tuesday) so there's a good chance more new information will be discovered in the coming days.

Type: Null and Jangmo-o evolutions revealed in new video

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 14 October, 2016

New Pokémon have been revealed in the latest official announcement:

  • Silvally is the evolution of Type: Null. It stays Normal type by default but its ability Rks System changes its type based on the held item. It also has a unique move Multi Attack that matches whatever Silvally's current type is.
  • Hakamo-o is the evolution of Jangmo-o. It's Dragon/Fighting type and has the ability Bulletproof or Soundproof.
  • Kommo-o is the next evolution and has the same type/ability as Hakamo-o. It has a unique move, Clanging Scales.
  • Steenee is the evolution of Bounsweet. It stays Grass type with the Leaf Guard/Oblivious ability.
  • Tsareena is the next evolution, Grass type and has the ability Leaf Guard or the new ability Queenly Majesty which appears to block priority moves. It also has a unique move, Trop Kick, which appears to be a Grass-type kicking move.
  • Ribombee is the evolution of Cutiefly. It stays Bug/Fairy with the Honey Gather or Shield Dust ability.
  • Alola Forms were confirmed for Grimer and Muk. They are Poison/Dark and have the ability Poison Touch or Gluttony.

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Jangmo-o and Type: Null evolutions revealed in CoroCoro

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 13 October, 2016

Following the reveal of Alolan Grimer yesterday, the rest of CoroCoro has now leaked and reveals evolutions for Jangmo-o and Type: Null.

Jangmo-o, Jarango and Jararanga (from right to left)

Jarango and Jararanga (Japanese names) are the evolutions of Jangmo O and are Dragon/Fighting type.

The evolution of Type: Null is Silvadi (Japanese name). It has an ability AR System which works very similarly to Arceus' Multitype, allowing Silvadi to change its type based on a held item called Memory. It also has a new attack that changes type based on the Memory.

There is more information due to be revealed tomorrow (Friday at 6m PT / 9am ET / 2pm BST / 10pm JST), so we may get the English names for all of the above.

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Alolan Grimer revealed in CoroCoro

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 12 October, 2016

The first page from CoroCoro magazine has been leaked and shows the Alolan Form of Grimer, which is Poison/Dark type.

There should be more to come so keep checking back. CoroCoro is due to have more information on Type: Null.

Pokémon Sun/Moon starter evolutions revealed!

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 04 October, 2016

A new video has been released by TPCi, showing the second stages of the starter Pokémon in Sun/Moon, as well as new features and an upcoming demo!

The starter middle stages are:

  • Dartrix, which remains Grass/Flying type.
  • Torracat, which remains Fire type.
  • Brionne, which remains Water type.

Also revealed is Festival Plaza, a place where you can play using communication features. Coins can be earned by completing various challenges, and Pokémon's base stats can be increased.

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New Pokémon Lycanroc, Passimian & Oranguru revealed in latest trailer

General News — 20 September, 2016

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon has been released, showing version-exclusive Pokémon.

  • Passimian is a monkey Pokémon with a new ability Receiver, which gives it the ability of a teammate when the teammate faints. Exclusive to Sun.
  • Oranguru is another monkey Pokémon with the ability Inner Focus or Telepathy. It has a new move Instruct which allows a teammate to attack again instead of Oranguru. Exclusive to Moon.
  • Lycanroc is the evolution of Rockruff, and has two forms exclusive to each version. Pokémon Sun has Midday Form with the ability Keen Eye or Sand Rush, while Pokémon Moon has Midnight Form with the ability Keen Eye or Vital Spirit. Both remain Rock type.

New exclusive Z-Moves were revealed for Pikachu and Eevee. Pikachu can use Catastropika while Eevee can use Extreme Evoboost.

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