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New Pokémon Lycanroc, Passimian & Oranguru revealed in latest trailer

General News — 20 September, 2016

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon has been released, showing version-exclusive Pokémon.

  • Passimian is a monkey Pokémon with a new ability Receiver, which gives it the ability of a teammate when the teammate faints. Exclusive to Sun.
  • Oranguru is another monkey Pokémon with the ability Inner Focus or Telepathy. It has a new move Instruct which allows a teammate to attack again instead of Oranguru. Exclusive to Moon.
  • Lycanroc is the evolution of Rockruff, and has two forms exclusive to each version. Pokémon Sun has Midday Form with the ability Keen Eye or Sand Rush, while Pokémon Moon has Midnight Form with the ability Keen Eye or Vital Spirit. Both remain Rock type.

New exclusive Z-Moves were revealed for Pikachu and Eevee. Pikachu can use Catastropika while Eevee can use Extreme Evoboost.

Rockruff evolution and more Ultra Beasts revealed

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 15 September, 2016

CoroCoro leaked recently and revealed new Ultra Beasts, as well as the secret behind Rockruff's evolution. This was followed up by an official announcement of the new Ultra Beasts:

They are UB-02 Absorption which is exclusive to Pokemon Sun, and UB-02 Beauty which is exclusive to Pokemon Moon. In the video we see the Ultra Beasts in a battle with Hala and his Tapu Koko.

New Pokémon Type: Null and Jangmo-o revealed

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 06 September, 2016

New Pokémon and features for Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon have been revealed in a new video from The Pokémon Company International.

New Pokémon revealed:

  • Type: Null is Normal type with the ability Battle Armor.
  • Jangmo-o is Dragon type and has the ability Bulletproof or Soundproof.
  • Alolan Raticate is Dark/Normal like its predecessor, Alolan Rattata.

Pokémon Sun & Moon are to be set 12 hours part, so it looks like Moon takes place at night while Sun takes place during the day.

There is a new organisation, The Aether Foundation, which take care of Pokémon on the artificial island in the middle of Alola.

A new concept Ultra Beasts is revealed, with a Pokémon named UB-01 being the first shown. We'll bring more on this feature as it comes.

Alolan Rattata & new Z-Moves revealed in Nintendo 3DS Direct

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 01 September, 2016

The latest Nintendo Direct has just aired and it revealed a new Alolan form for Rattata. It is Dark/Normal type and has the ability Gluttony or Hustle. It's said that Yungoos was introduced to Alola to combat the Rattata population, but instead Rattata changed its type to scare off Yungoos.

Alolan Rattata

It was also revealed that several Pokémon have their own unique Z-Moves. Two examples are Alolan Raichu which has Stoked Sparksurfer and Snorlax, which has Pulverizing Pancake.

New Pokémon Crabrawler revealed at Pokémon World Championships

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 19 August, 2016

The Pokémon World Championships have just got underway and a new Pokémon was revealed in their opening ceremony. Crabrawler is a Fighting type crab and has the ability Hyper Cutter or Iron Fist.

UPDATE: TPCi have released a video showing off Crabrawler, as well as the Pokémon that were revealed last week in CoroCoro:

New Pokémon Turtonator revealed at Gamescom

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 18 August, 2016

At the Gamescom trade fair in Germany, a new Pokémon was revealed. It is named Turtonator and is Fire/Dragon type. An official English video has also been released:

Turtonator has the ability Shell Armor and a new move Shell Trap that sets a trap and deals damage to the opponent when Turtonator is hit by a Physical move.


New Pokémon confirmed: Wishiwashi, Pyukumuku, Morelull, Alolan forms

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 11 August, 2016

The new Pokémon and Alolan forms leaked yesterday have now been officially confirmed in a new video:

To recap, they are Wishiwashi (Water), Pyukumuku (Water), Morelull (Grass/Fairy), Alolan Meowth (Dark), Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost), and Alolan Raichu (Electric/Psychic).

The evil team is also confirmed as Team Skull, with Plumeria and Guzma being two key members.

English names and Alolan Raichu leaked online

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 10 August, 2016

Images from an upcoming official announcement video have leaked online. These all appear to be legit but are not 100% confirmed.

The fish with the school form is known as Wishiwashi and is Water type with the ability Schooling. The sea cucumber is called Pyukumuku and is Water type with the ability Innards Out. There is a new mushroom Pokémon called Morelull which is Grass/Fairy type. And Raichu appears to have a new Alolan Form: it's Electric/Psychic and has a new ability Surge Surfer.

We'll bring more details when we can. Here are the leaked images:

Wishiwashi Solo Form
Wishiwashi Solo Form

New Pokémon 'Yowashi', 'Shirodesuna', 'Namakobushi', and Alolan forms revealed in CoroCoro

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 09 August, 2016

New Pokémon have been revealed in this month's CoroCoro magazine! English translations are due to be announced this Friday. Update 10/8: another new Pokémon has been revealed, continue below for more.

The first is Yowashi, a Water type fish Pokémon that changes from Single Form to School Form.


The next are Sunabaa and Shirodesuna which are based on sandcastles and are Ghost/Ground type.

New Pokémon, Alola forms and Z-Moves revealed

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 01 August, 2016

New information has been revealed about Pokémon Sun & Moon! Here's the announcement video:

First it shows that several older Pokémon have new Alola forms:

  • Exeggutor's new form resembles a palm tree, and is Grass/Dragon type.
  • Vulpix and Ninetales become white and are Ice and Ice/Fairy type respectively.
  • Sandshrew and Sandslash also become white (with Sandshrew resembling an igloo) and both become Ice/Steel type with the ability Snow Cloak.

New Pokémon are also revealed:

  • Oricorio is a bird Pokémon that has a different form on each of Alola's islands. Baile Style is Fire/Flying, Pom-Pom Style is Electric/Flying, Pa'u Style is Psychic/Flying, Sensu Style is Ghost/Flying. It also has a new move Revelation Dance which matches its primary type. Its ability Dancer copies the opponent's Dance moves like Quiver Dance.
  • Minior is a ball-shaped Rock/Flying Pokémon. Its ability Shields Down removes its rocky exterior to reveal a core inside, which can be one of 4 different colors.
  • Gumshoos is the evolution of Yungoos
  • Fomantis and its evolution Lurantis are Grass type and know a new move Solar Blade.
  • Mudbray is the pre-evolution of Mudsdale.

More new Pokémon revealed: Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey, Mudsdale, Mimikyu, Bewear

Pokemon Sun & Moon — 19 July, 2016

New Pokémon for the upcoming Sun/Moon games have been revealed!

The Pokémon are:

  • Wimpod is a Bug/Water type. It has a new ability Wimp Out, which makes it switch out when its HP drops below half.
  • Bounsweet is a Grass type. It has the ability Leaf Guard or Oblivious.
  • Comfey is a Fairy type. It has the ability Flower Veil or a new ability Triage, which increases the priority of HP-restoring moves.
  • Mudsdale is a Ground type. It has the ability Own Tempo or a new ability Stamina, which increases Defense when hit by an attack.
  • Mimikyu is the Ghost/Fairy Pokémon revealed earlier this month in CoroCoro. Its ability Disguise acts as a Substitute for one attack.
  • Bewear is the Normal/Fighting Pokémon also seen in CoroCoro. Its ability Fluffy halves damage from contact moves, but doubles damage taken from Fire type moves.

Pokémon GO being rolled out worldwide

General News — 16 July, 2016

Pokemon Go logo Pokémon GO, the augmented-reality smartphone game, is slowly being rolled out worldwide. It was released last week in Australia and New Zealand, followed by the USA just before the weekend. Due to the game's massive success and the resulting login/connection troubles, other countries were delayed while the problems were resolved.

The last few days saw a release in Germany and the UK, followed by most of Europe today. Specifically, players in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland can now download Pokémon GO!

It's believed that a release in France has been delayed due to the recent horrific attacks in Nice, but it should be available within a week. No word yet on Japan and the rest of Asia and other continents.