Solar Blade (move)

Move data

Type Grass
Category   Physical
Power 125
Accuracy 100
PP 10  (max. 16)
Introduced Generation 7

Technical/Hidden Machine

Sword​/​Shield TM12


The user of Solar Blade will absorb light on the first turn. On the second turn, Solar Blade deals damage.

During intense sunlight or when holding a Power Herb, Solar Blade executes in one turn. During rain, hail or a sandstorm its power decreases by 50%.

Z-Move effects

When a Pokémon is holding Grassium Z and uses its Z-Power, Solar Blade turns into Bloom Doom and has base power 190.

Move target


Targets a single adjacent Pokémon.

Other languages

English Solar Blade
Japanese ソーラーブレード (Solar Blade)
German Solarklinge
French Lame Solaire
Italian Lama Solare
Spanish Cuchilla Solar

Game descriptions

Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
In this two-turn attack, the user gathers light and fills a blade with the light’s energy, attacking the target on the next turn.

Learnt by level up

These Pokémon learn Solar Blade at the level specified. The numbers given are for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon and may vary in other games; check the respective Pokédex pages for details.

#754 / Grass
Level 47