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Did a question or answer you posted seemingly vanish? If so, it was probably hidden. This means it has been withdrawn from public access, presumably by a moderator. If you are not sure why your post was taken down, you're in the right place: you can use this thread to ask why your post was removed. Any new posts asking why questions were hidden will be hidden. Before posting, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Read the rules page. You should have done this already. This page lists every reason why a post may be taken down. The most common reasons include:

  • the post was a duplicate, i.e. the question was already asked or a very similar answer already existed,
  • the question was made on the wrong section,
  • the post was uninformative (e.g. unclear or lacking detail and insight),
  • the question was open-ended or too discussion-based (especially relating to in-game teams) and
  • the post was about getting movesets (there is a system in place for that).

If you've read the rules thoroughly and you're sure your post didn't fit any of the categories, read onward.

Step 2: Locate your post, and provide a link to it. If your post was taken down, you should be able to find a notification about it in your updates area, or find it through your Ctrl + H browser history. If all else fails, describe your post thoroughly so we know which you're addressing.

Step 3: Check your post using the link. It is possible your post is public, and you've simply struggled accessing it. You'll know if it's indeed hidden if it is faded white -- in that case, proceed onward. Otherwise, it is either public or pending review -- in that case, it's simply a waiting game for your answer.

However, if you've verified your post is in fact hidden, and you've got a link to it...

Step 4: Leave a message here! Paste the link to your post, and give some context if you deem necessary. A staff member or other reputable user will respond with an explanation as to what happened. Please, do not respond aggressively: you aren't going to have your way screaming expletives at us. If you're nice to us, we'll be nice to you.

Posts here are removed over time to prevent clutter.

Hey you, did you actually read these steps before posting? Ignoring things is probably what got you here in the first place!

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Fizz I’m confused because I never saw the original question on my questions page,  so I assumed it was never posted and redid it. How come you knew about both questions existing but I couldn’t find either of them on my questions page? Does this mean that it was stuck in the spam filter and you saw both or...  Can you please explain and thanks in advance!
You’re right on all fronts, actually. Both posts showed up in the mod queue, so I let the most recent one through (I assume this is what people prefer).
You can’t see posts you submit if they’re still pending review, which is probably a fault of the software. In the end though, the post will be approved and you’ll see it on your questions page, or it’ll be removed and show up in your updates list. Rest assured, we see everything that does get submitted.
Ok then thanks so much that was actually very helpful
This is good to know
Well i don't know much about this, but i'll say this: if your question was hidden, it might have because you did something wrong in spelling or phrased it wrong

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I was just wondering why it was hidden. I can't see it myself, so I had to ask here.

@Espeon it’s virtually synonymous with ‘permission’.
@sumwun I’m encouraging nothing. I’m just doing what Pokemaster has directed. I have said before I don’t like the rule, but I don’t run this site.
If the information is wrong, direct it to the Corrections thread so that PM can see it and update it in the future. Doesn't change the rule on Pokebase.
First, the question asked for locations that were not on Pokemon DB. Even if they were in the corrections thread, I don't think that counts as "easily looked up".
Second, the rules were intended to make Pokemon information easier to get. If the rules are doing the opposite, why should we follow them? Is following rules more important than informing people?
Third, didn't Pokemaster say, "I don't see a problem with some location questions being asked"?
If you can get us the thread where he said that then we'd happily reshow the question, but apparently whoever hid the question couldn't find it and neither can I.

I told you to mention them in the corrections thread so that Pm can update the site to the correct information, not for people to look up.

'Is following rules more important than informing people?'

That's not something we can just say yes or no to. It's a question people will have different answers to, and a question where people could change their answer frequently based on what they're feeling. Whilst Editors and Mods do often have their own philosophies on what is and isn't allowed and what we may or may not hide, PM generally dictates the overall design philosophy of the site and how things are answered, and he did so via the rules.

If you were to think about the rules page as being PM's philosophy on what should and shouldn't be hidden, then what we editors and mods do is basically just interpret that and carry it out, occasionally being collectively corrected in our efforts, but general just sticking to the rules.

To be less vague, we carry out the rules because PM wants us to, and whilst we will often have our own ideas on what should and shouldn't be done, we're not going to go against PM to do it.

tl:dr questions like ' Is following rules more important than informing people?' are not be decided by us, the auth, but by the site creator, as we just do what he says.  Until either PM says something or you find something showing us that PM mentioned the topic, we're just gonna follow the rules as we see fit, which in this case is apparently hiding a location question.
PM answered this thread. In the answer, he said, "I don't see a problem with some location questions being asked".  
Even if we were interpreting the rule, the rule says, "Anything that can be easily looked up on PokemonDb should not be asked." The question asked for some information that was either missing or wrong on this site, so I don't think that counts as "easily looked up".
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I don't remember exactly what that answer said, but it's probably because the answer didn't answer the question.
You didn't answer the question. I understand that the question was edited after you answered originally, but you had enough time to update your answer to a new one or answer again (which you can still do btw).

 The question was 'Why is Steel Weak to Fire?'. Your answer didn't answer this question - it just pointed out that the asker got Steel and Fire the wrong way round when they first posted.
But the other answer does not answer the question.

It gives the worng answer.
Just because someone else broke a rule or answered wrongly doesn't mean you didn't. If you think the other answer is wrong, you're supposed to down-vote it and comment why you think it's wrong.
The question was "How is steel weak to fire?" And I said it was not. Since that is correct
I’m actually just repeating PX here, but the bottom line is that the question was looking for an explanation. Your answer was good fact-checking (i.e. good as a comment), but it ultimately doesn’t resolve the question.
I don’t blame you though since the asker has been difficult to work with.
The question was changed. I know you posted your answer before that, but you had enough time to change your answer to suit. Or if you didn't, then post a new one instead.