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Gender: No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender. (I’m actually a girl)
Country: Antarctica; Central time zone (
Favorite Pokémon: Beldum. Childhood hero. (see about me for favorites by type)
Friend Codes: 2638-5605-9763 (Ultra Sun. In-game name: Lucia)
SW-5569-5177-8976 (LGE and Sw. In-game names are Lucia and Lucy, respectively)

I play on Showdown! with the same username (KRLW890)
Feel free to DM me on Discord: KRLW890#8542
About me: First got into Pokémon around 2010, with SoulSilver being my first game.  I only played casually, which grew boring after getting and completing White.
A few years later, I got back into it competitively through Showdown!, which I used in favor of the actual games for a while until getting Ultra Sun. Now I play both on Showdown! and in the actual games. While I'm pretty good at competitive, I consider myself more of a shinyhunter than a battler.

Favorite Pokémon by type:
STEEL: Beldum; favorite Pokémon, favorite type
ELECTRIC: Luxray (2nd favorite overall)
PSYCHIC: technically Beldum, but I’ve got to give this one to Lugia (3rd favorite)
GRASS: Bayleef (4th fav)
NORMAL: Eevee (5th) (after this, I’m not so sure overall; the rest of these are in no particular order)
BUG: Volcarona
DARK: Zoroark
FLYING: technically Lugia, but I’ll give this one to Noivern
FAIRY: Mimikyu
FIRE: Alolan Marowak
DRAGON: technically Noivern, but I'll give this one to Flygon
GHOST: Decidueye
GROUND: Krookodile
ICE: Lapras
POISON: Drapion
ROCK: Midnight Lycanroc
WATER: Buizel

My Shinies: (127 seen, 121 caught)
 > SoulSilver: Gyarados, Pidgey (failed), Sandshrew, Rattata, Tangela, Mr. Mime (failed), Abra, Shinx
 > HeartGold: Gyarados, Mewtwo, Unown (L),
 > White: Vanillite, Heatmor, Litwick, Pawniard
 > LeafGreen: Zubat
 > Emerald: Rayquaza, Golbat
 > Ultra Sun: Eevee x8 (every evolution), Pikipek x2, A-Meowth, Zorua x2, Beldum x3 (1 failed :'[ ), Exeggcute x50, Togepi, Drifloon, Noibat, Omanyte, Litwick, Lapras, Froakie, Natu x7, Tropius (failed), A-Raticate, Partner Cap Pikachu, Chansey x5 (2 failed), Stunfisk, Quagsire x2, Hippowdon x2, Drapion, Audino, Medicham x2, Crustle, Abomasnow, Lombre, Magcargo, Swanna, Nuzleaf, Heliolisk
> Let’s Go Eevee: Bellsprout, Vulpix, Aerodactyl, Staryu
> Platinum: Giratina

Currently shinyhunting:
Chikorita in Crystal (VC)
Poiple in Ultra Sun (on hold)
Porygon in SoulSilver (on hold)

PokeBase dates:
100 Pts - Apr 23, 2017
200 Pts - May 2, 2017
300 Pts - May 8, 2017
400 Pts - May 15, 2017
500 Pts - Jun 1, 2017
750 Pts - Aug 19, 2017
1,000 Pts (WHOO!!) - Aug 31, 2017
1,250 Pts - Oct 26, 2017
1,500 Pts - Nov 24, 2017
1,750 Pts - Feb 4, 2018
2,000 Pts - Apr 13, 2018
2,250 Pts - May 7, 2018
2,500 Pts - May 14, 2018
3,000 Pts - June 29, 2018
Expert status - July 2, 2018. Thanks Fizz :)
3,500 Pts - Aug 7, 2018
4,000 Pts - Aug 22, 2018
4,500 Pts - Sept 17, 2018
5,000 Pts - Oct 19, 2018
Front page of users (5,384 Pts) - Nov 18, 2018
6,000 Pts - Jan 18, 2019

Some PS teambuilder Easter eggs, try typing these in as the Pokémon species: birdjesus, neckboy, smogonbird, ygod

PS. The 890 in my username is pronounced "eight ninety."  Not "eight nine zero," not "eight hundred ninety," not "eighty-nine zero."  It's just "eight ninety."  IT'S. NOT. THAT. HARD.

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I'm in a VC with Felix and he said "KRLW eight nine zero"
1 day ago by Hellfire Taco
i don't know about you, but krlw890 is my dad. yep. i know, its kind of amazing. i dont want to brag, but she's a pretty cool dad. yeah, im kind of living the life. this type of fame comes with downsides, though. no, i cant call her right now. shes at work. shes probably in another super important business meeting. just believe me bro. krlw890 is my dad. no im not lying. im not a liar. okay man go to hell. krlw890 is my dad. come on brad lets go get slurpees
2 days ago by Hellfire Taco
But you're still no editor :)

Kidding, congrats.
Nov 22 by PX ™
Do you have sword or sheild? I have sword.
Nov 22 by sheepman1306
I have got all starters. Now, there are certain ones that I need.
Nov 20 by sheepman1306
If I get a baby starter fire Pokemon as a baby,  you can have my fire starter for your  baby water starter.
Nov 18 by sheepman1306
Did you got all starters?
Nov 17 by sheepman1306
How are you been?
Nov 10 by sheepman1306
Nov 7 by SylveonFairy2019
I like you Profile!
Nov 7 by SylveonFairy2019