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Gender: Pizza
Country: Cheesetopia
Favorite Pokémon: Vileplume and Electivire
Friend Codes: 1392 - 4335 - 0942
I don't battle at all and I rarely ever trade, but I do occasionally play Smash Bros.
About me: Hi. I'm an immature nerd.
I spend most of my time listening to Black Sabbath and other '70s rock/metal bands, yelling at my friend, and being a weirdo in general.

I can be found in multiple places outside of here, so, if you feel as though you are worthy enough to privately contact me in any way, my Discord is Hellfire Taco#4376. My showdown accounts are Jimbo Pagerino, Jimbo Neutronio, and HellfireTac0.

Please post your pizza recipes/pizza summoning rituals on my wall.

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do you listen to hip-hop or rap?
13 hours ago by LightRoserade
More like fatfire losero hahhaa
1 day ago by Jar Jar
HeavanWater Burrito
1 day ago by LeafyBlade
i was trying to make it sound similar, but it failed, lol. I'm going to assume it's a fusion of you and Hydreigon
1 day ago by LightRoserade
hellfiredreigon! (im the worst at puns)
1 day ago by LightRoserade
Pizza, in its raw form, is too wild, too untamed to be summoned. Pizza summoners are frauds, only able to conjure up fake , imitation pizzas, like those take-and-bake things, or the pizza lunchables.

You must lay a trap for pizza. Use perfectly made garlic bread (which you can summon) and shredded cheese (Which you cannot. Just buy it, it's pretty cheap.) As the bait. Dig a hole, and bury chef boyardee alive, then kill Gordon ramsey, and cut his body up into tiny pieces. Spread them on top of the grave. Then, scatter the garlic bread, and the shredded cheese around.
The pizza shall come, but allow it to eat most of Gordon Ramsay before you try to take it. It will not be in its unconscious form until it consumes at least half of the remains.
1 day ago by OrangeWigMan
Okay. I'll find a new husbando.
2 days ago by Ёṡṗëöṅäġë
You were jimbo pagerino!

I didn't curse (something like it) you. It was etn.
2 days ago by Helix716
Lucas will always be remembered.
2 days ago by Pokémon Guy
I like screaming dude who looked like football player
2 days ago by MoonlitMadness