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Gender: Pizza
Country: I live under Jimmy's bed.
Favorite Pokémon: Vileplume, Electivire, and Randy Rhoads.
Friend Codes: 1392 - 4335 - 0942
I don't battle at all and I rarely ever trade, but I do occasionally play Smash Bros.
About me: I'm a nerd, guitarist, and professional cool dude.
I spend most of my time listening to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the like, yelling at my friend, and being a weirdo in general.

Please violently harass thecrapper5 for me he took my onion.

My Discord is Hellfire Taco#4376.
Aaaaaaaalso scream at me on Discord if you've got Minecraft Java. I need to get a bunch of people together to have a large chaotic hoopla. (in Minecraft)

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Received: 160 up votes, 3 down votes

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8 hours ago by Jimmy⠀
who is fiss? i'm not fiss. go talk to fiss not fizz
13 hours ago by Fizz
you’re being mean to fizz and YOU DIDNT INVITE ME?!
23 hours ago by Jimmy⠀
Okay, right...
2 days ago by Glitched Porygon
wowwwww now u need to be reprimanded. leave this with me while i think of how to inflict the most anguish upon you for your crimes
2 days ago by Fizz
i'll say what i like, but i bet you'll chicken out on uttering those cursed words
5 days ago by Fizz
how could you see mister pee ecks's weak af retort... and then make an even worse one
6 days ago by Fizz
i think it's rich of hellfire taco to mention my being a stink brain when his own brain could be described with much the same dislike
Apr 18 by Fizz
literally unreadable
Apr 18 by Jimmy⠀
run to were to run u gonna catch u catch
Apr 15 by Jimmy⠀