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Gender: Pizza
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Friend Codes: "I am looking at emojis. Do not talk to me."
About me: Create until nothing is left to create and
The universe bursts with an overworked sigh then
Pretend to pretend to re-crown the creation and
Sing the same thing 'til the clouds start to cry and then
Over and over and over again and then
Over and over and
Never again

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Thx for noticing. :D
But, I'm not ALL hate, I do Love Eevee, Hisuian Zorua, and most of the starters (except Fuecoco, he's an ugly "Soon-to-Be" Snake boi.).
2 hours ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Nein! Those berries, Mine! He needs to exercise. And get that FACE out from my eyes.
1 day ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
If you were trying to collect berries in Galar and THAT thing jumped out at you and took almost all of your berries that you worked so hard to collect, you'd hate him, too.
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Not Jolly, but FREAKY. Unnerving and Horrific, too. O_O
That face has burned its way into my nightmares.
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
He is a Menace to Galarian Society! That face he dons is EVIL. (Like Thievul, which I don't like either. I loved its prevo Nickit, tho. :3)
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
That unflinching, motionless, open-mouthed kind of FACE is what haunts my dreams everyday and makes me want to punch it.

(Similar to Mikey from MandJTV's relationship with Miltank.)
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
Plus, it's hard to KILL this thing with it having such bulk. Reminds me of a creepy amusement park mascot costume with a GINORMOUS head and ugly face.
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
As a berry collector, this THING steals my harvest which angers me. >:(
Playing through SwSh, trying to collect the type-reduction berries and having to worry too much about getting HALF of my total harvest stolen from me is a massive pain in the Froslass.
2 days ago by Vim ze Hisuian Zorua
quiet. quit making a bracket. youre too loud. no more bracket.
6 days ago by cranpper