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Gender: Pizza
Country: Mountain Dew Valley
Favorite Pokémon: Vileplume, Electivire, and Randy Rhoads
Friend Codes: 1392 - 4335 - 0942
I don't battle at all and I rarely ever trade, but I do occasionally play Smash Bros.
About me: I'm a nerd, guitarist, and professional cool dude.
I spend most of my time listening to Black Sabbath and other '70s rock/metal bands, yelling at my friend, and being a weirdo in general.

Please post your pizza recipes/pizza summoning rituals on my wall.

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1 day ago by Nuivo
i love how ghetto u r
4 days ago by CrazyCradily
Oct 7 by Alolan Vulpix
Why was my answer converted into comment?
Oct 7 by Alolan Vulpix
Hellfire Taco,
Surely there is some answer to the question?
I mean, so many questions regarding Pokemon theory have been open for such a long time.
It could be anything-maybe game freak got into some controversy  because of hydreigon, maybe its biology prevents it from being in Alola, or something.
I really wanted  an answer to the question.
Could you please reopen it?
Sep 26 by Deathrider
Lol I knew it was for fun.
My real question is actually the second one.
Sep 25 by Deathrider
Are you even allowed to kick people for such reasons?
And I heard pokemaster once got a person's points to 0 because he wanted to. Why did he want to do that?
Sep 25 by Deathrider
Thanks for the info!
Sep 25 by Molthree
So Kickbot said in chat that a user was kicked for 10 minutes, but it repeated the message 6 times. Did it mean a 10 minute kick from chat, or an hour?

Don't question my curiosity.
Sep 25 by Molthree
u are adopted
Sep 24 by Fizz