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Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Salamence
Friend Codes: My code for Switch is SW-0477-1565-7989, and for 3DS is 0302-0606-6581. I'll add you if I know you well.
About me: I go by the name Fizz on this website. I do mod stuff here — leave me a message if you need anything!

I apologise for my inactivity of late, which will continue until around mid-November. I'm currently in the middle of my most rigourous period of study in years, so I'm short on time to spend here. I'll have witty replies ready for your wall posts when I'm back in full swing though :)

If you want to get a hold of me privately, the best way to do that is through Discord. I also run the &fizz_db alt on the DB Showdown server.

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Cool. Np.
1 day ago by Mister Doctor
Hey fizz, I found someone for you to ban:
3 days ago by Mister Doctor
cricket in da school what he be learnin tho
6 days ago by Hellfire Taco
fizz can you please join the pooping and farting club discord server with me and hellfire and jimmy please and thank you
Oct 7 by Felix⠀
I removed a comment chain which went off-topic. @Night Child, your original comment was removed because it wasn't constructive. Gatekeeping Pokemon playstyles doesn't contribute to discussion about Salazzle movesets, and was obviously rousing enough to derail the thread.
If you want to talk about this more, please do so on my wall. Don't re-post messages we have removed, and don't tell us how to do our job please.
commented 52 minutes ago by Fizz

@Fizz  We'll talk about this right here. I don't care what you did to commit prejudice and discrimination. You stated that my original comment wasn't constructive?

"Marill, Azumarill, Carbink, Diance, Primarina, and Tapu Fini would beg to differ.
commented Jan 6, 2017 by TheSinful

Heatran would like to have a word with you
commented Jan 9, 2017 by Rapty"

These are not constructive comments. None of them, but you want to pick on me? Internet bully me? Wrong one! No one gatekept anything. I didn't hinder nor restrict anything. As far as I'm concerned, you immature ones are the only ones restricting non-harmful comments. Just because TheSinful got all upset that I defended someone s/he was bullying (not surprising at all), all this nothing was made into something. I say that regardless if all you created the site. There was nothing rousing about my comment...NOTHING. When you do something, you do it right. You don't want to be told how to do your job, then do it right or not at all. I'm not asking you. This isn't make it up as you go along and pick sides. I followed your stupid guidelines originally and you guys got all sensitive. No, I'm not part of your little click letting power go to my head. I wasn't picked on as a child and afraid to grow a set. I say what I want and if you want to not put up or remove my comments, suspend me from your site, remove me, then do it. I got what I need for media and you will watch your tone when speak to me, do you understand me Fizz? Good. I'm out.

Don't contact me again. The people on this site clearly have some growing up to do. I will be posting this elsewhere as well. I got to do what I got to do and you got to do what you got to do.
Oct 5 by ___
Also I will be keeping any bowls I don't give out Fizz doesn't deserve them because I stole them from him. Thank you for understanding.
Sep 22 by Hellfire Taco
If anybody want's Fizz's bowls, I stole them from him and I will be giving them out for free from September 26, 2019 to November 5, 2019. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested. Thank you for your time.
Sep 22 by Hellfire Taco
can I have expert status for my birthday please fizz it’d make my day yknow
Sep 16 by Jimmy⠀
nothing to lay off of... server has literally just been me and nebby battling for like the past 2 months, no one comes on to chat so i have no idea who this person is (the name they log on as). i was literally only told the other day that "someone wants you banned on the db"
Sep 16 by melcakes
Yea melcakes keeps saying swears and px is not punishing him. I just logged on to chat with molthree but melcakes said his catchphrase sup ******* so either ban melcakes or get px to mod better.
Sep 14 by superswablu