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Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Salamence, Aggron, Nidoking
Friend Codes: SW-0477-1565-7989
About me: I go by the name Fizz on this website. I do mod stuff here — leave me a message if you need anything!

Beyond this site, I'm a student and filthy Melburnian. I like games, music and dumb Aussie football. I'm pretty busy with classes. Sorry if I go quiet sometimes.

Should you ever need it, my Discord is locke_d#4016. I run the alt &fizz_db on our Showdown server, so I'm easily recognisable.

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Ah, I see. It's kind of a shame really. Like what if anything do they get out of using a dead DB meme to shitstir the mods/editors and such? I really don't get it but in any case Fizz, I'll keep an eye out on server and if Gligurr gets out of hand and such I'll let ya' know and auth can jump on it and make a decision
1 hour ago by L'appel Du Vide
Love u dad
8 hours ago by Hellfire Taco
Fizz, I'm just asking more out of genuine curiosity rather than a pressing issue but I've noticed a lot of newer/more recent users have almost martyrized Gligurr and honestly I find it kinda weird as a majority of them haven't even met Gligurr, it's bad enough that he's unbanned on server but I suppose the general question, do you have any idea as to why the above is a thing?
21 hours ago by L'appel Du Vide
Thank you for understanding, I will try to contact Pokemaster.
1 day ago by Poké Guy Fieri
When a question isn't clear, aren't you supposed to give the asker a few days or a week to clarify before you close it?
2 days ago by sumwun
Fizz, should LGBTQ topics be allowed in chat? Yes, there's minor children on this site, but they're growing up in a society where LGBTQ is being accepted.
3 days ago by CrazyCradily
3 days ago by Azelfeo
Funny dude
Wish we were friends
5 days ago by Deathrider
I guess this means I like flying salamanders, fat steel dinosaurs and poisonous rhinoceroses more than wolves
  9 hours ago by Fizz

This is worth millions.
5 days ago by Azelfeo
Okay then. Btw, it is interesting that you like wolves, yet your favourite Pokemon list doesn't include a lycanroc.
6 days ago by Deathrider