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Fizz is the greatest moderator to ever grace the site.

Definitely edited by Fizz but 100% truth
14 minutes ago by Swastik
Hey Fizz? I know questions about Fakemon aren’t allowed, but I want to ask a RMT question, to rate my CAP team of Pokémon showdown. Sense those fakemon are Pokémon Showdown official fakemon, maybe you could make an exception? I completely understand if that is not allowed. Thanks!
3 hours ago by —Marill4Life—
Thanks Fizz :)
1 day ago by ★~Furret1034~★
I opened a can of soda and it made ~the sound~ and then I thought of you.
3 days ago by FlappersFlappers
Hello Fizz! I posted a Nuzlocke team on RMT this morning, and it was shortly closed by Giga~Blade X, with the note "Competitive teams only". We talked and s/he said that I shouldtalk to you about nuzlockes on rmt. the post is here if you wanted it: thanks! (This is what Giga said: I'm not exactly certain what the stance is on Nuzlocke team help on Pokebase. Nuzlocke questions have been done in the past, but I can't recall a full team of them. You might want to ask about this instead, sorry." :D
3 days ago by ★~Furret1034~★
(Sorry for posting this and wasting your time I was dared to.)

Chapter 1 - Special Delivery

I moaned very loudly. I couldn't help it, my stomach hurt so much... huh, no wonder my mom told me to stay off boats. She was worried that I'd vomit on her dress. I couldn't help it that I was seasick either! It was kinda stormy and the boat was rocking along back and forth... back and forth... back and forth... back and forth... ugh. But apparently the ocean knew I was seasick and hated being in a boat, because it picked up even more! Thanks to that, I was thrown against the wall of my cramped little cabin multiple times! Don't they have airplanes or something?! I guess the shattering of something outside of my cabin answered that question, and so did the blanket that used to be on the bed next to me but was now covering me. At least the bed didn't fall on me, just the covers. But then the bed tipped over and almost did fall on top of me! Everything was flying! Oh, just a bit of wisdom, getting hit in the head with a lamp doesn't feel very good. Actually, it hurts like heck and might knock you unconscious, because that's exactly what happened when I was hit with it. I don't know what the heck happened, and when I woke up in a bed I didn't know existed in some building I didn't know existed, confused is putting it mildly. It felt pretty uncomfortable, and there was some random guy dressed up like some kinda doctor staring at me. "You're awake?" he asked when I sat up, rubbing my eyes. To be honest, I wasn't sure. "Where am I...?" I asked. Everything was so bright it hurt. "Meringue Clinic." "You... you have a clinic just for food...?" That's when I felt like a complete moron. Yes, I was in a food hospital, because those apparently existed in my head. "No, this is a clinic for people. I don't recall a clinic for food ever existing." said the apparent doctor guy. After a moment of dead silence, he spoke again. "You had been knocked unconscious on the ship. You seem to be all right. Do you remember what was going on before you fell unconscious?" he asked. I thought for a second. "Um... yeah, I was coming here from Alola... and a storm picked up... wait... who are you...?" "My name is Jin. I'm the only doctor in the entirety of the ? region." I blinked. If he didn't seem so solemn I'd think he was boasting. "Oh, okay... I'm Pika." I replied. He nodded. "You're fit to leave when you're ready." "Okay." Now I was feeling pretty relaxed, so I hopped off of the medical bed thingy. But that's when I realized something. I reached into my pockets. "Gah!" I cried. Jin looked like he nearly had a panic attack, but I had him beat! "What is it?" "M-My Poké Balls are gone!" I cried. They were gone! All six of them! How could that happen?! "What? Gone?" he asked. "Y-You didn't happen to see them, did you...?" I asked. I felt myself tearing up. I was a horrible Trainer... "No, I didn't. I'm sorry." he replied solemnly. I began to wail like an idiot. Wailing wouldn't help me find my Pokémon. It wouldn't even accomplish anything. But I did it anyway. Jin looked like he had no idea what to do. "There's no need to cry. They have to be somewhere, and I'm sure you can find them." "But I don't know where to go or where I am...! I don't know anyone here...! I don't know where to search...!" I bawled. He looked like he was thinking for a minute, but it was hard to tell. My vision was all blurry. "Perhaps just ask around town first." "Y-You mean... ask strangers...?" I asked shakily. He nodded. "I'm sure they will have heard something. There's no reason to be afraid of them. Most of the people around here are very nice." His words didn't do a thing to make me any less nervous, but there wasn't much else for me to do... "O-Okay..." I muttered. "Good luck. I hope you find your Pokémon soon." Jin said. "Thanks..." I muttered before leaving nervously walking downstairs. I was so freaking nervous it hurt. I soon found the door to get outta the clinic, but then I heard a voice. "You're the new resident?" I whirled around and saw some old-looking lady staring at me. I didn't say anything, just nod.
5 days ago by Gladion Aether
"Glad to see you're on your feet. I was told you were out quite hard." she said. I nodded again and opened the door. "My name is Irene. I sell medicine. If you have a problem with your health, I reccomend coming here. There's most likely a medicine for it, and if it's major, Jin can probably handle it." "I-I will..." I muttered before hastily leaving. I guess I'd learned how to talk to a stranger, though I had talked to that doctor guy a bit ago. Then I looked around and nearly had a heart attack. It was a pretty large town... or maybe it was just me. People and Pokémon alike were walking around. There were plenty of buildings, too. Who the heck would I even talk to? Even if I had a map, I couldn't follow it to save my life. I slowly walked around, gazing at... everything. I felt so small and lost. I decided I'd just talk to the first person who came my way. So I decided to do something... rather stupid. I closed my eyes and wandered around blindly with a hand sticking out, hoping it'd find someone. Yeah, could've thought of something smarter than that, like, I don't know, not closing my eyes in a place I was already lost in and wandering around blindly. But then my hand latched onto someone and I finally opened my eyes. I had grabbed this random boy's arm and he looked startled and confused. "What- who are you?" he asked with a glare. I could feel myself going red with awkwardness. My words just kinda fumbled over each other for a minute. I was so bad at talking to people! "I-I-I... I'm Pika, I... I lost my P-Pokémon..." At this, his eyes widened. "What Pokémon is it?" he asked. "I-I lost six, a-all in Poké Balls..." "You lost your entire team? How can you even do that?" He seemed bewildered, and I could see why. "I was knocked u-unconscious on a boat... they were t-there before... I-I'm wondering if you've seen them..." "I don't recall seeing any Poké Balls. They could be on the boat, or even in the ocean..." he muttered. I began to tear up again. My Pokémon could be stuck at the bottom of the ocean! I'd never see them again! But then a look of realization came onto the boy's face. "Wait, I recall hearing that Luke found a bunch of Poké Balls recently. Maybe they were your missing Pokémon. You should go find and talk to him." For a second, I felt so happy that I wanted to bounce up and down at the thought that my Pokémon could be okay... but then I realized I had no idea who Luke was, where he was, or even where I was. So I started to cry again, and the boy's eyes went even wider. "What? What's the matter?" he asked, clearly startled. "I-I don't know where to go...!" I wailed. He immediately seemed to relax. "Luke's pretty easy to find. Just check Praline Woods. He's usually around there." he said simply. I don't even know what a 'praline' is! "I don't know where P-Praline Woods is..." "Near Dale's Carpentry." "W-Where's Dale's Carpentry...?" "In the Ganache Mine District." "What's Ganache Mine...?!" He groaned and facepalmed. "It's a mine. What does it sound like?" he asked. I began to wail. He opened his mouth to say something, but his eyes went wide again. "I'd love to continue this conversation, bit there's somewhere I have to be." he said before walking up some steps and eventually out of sight. Just great! I'm completely lost, and the guy who knows where that other guy is had to go somewhere! I'm more lost than ever! That's when I realized that people were staring at me and that I was a snot-nosed, teary-eyed mess. I looked like a little kid who couldn't have any candy! Well, that thought just made me cry more and I ran around blindly. Not... exactly a good decision, but not much I could do about it. But then I crashed right into someone and fell over backwards! I was such a klutz, and my head hurt for it. I rubbed my eyes and looked up.
5 days ago by Gladion Aether
*old Smogon set that's adjusted to Gen 8 meta, not NU
5 days ago by Porygon-Zangoose
Hi. Would it be against the rules if I were to post a old Smogon set that's adjusted to Gen 8 NU? For example:

Braviary @ Leftovers  
Ability: Defiant  
EVs: 252 HP / 120 SpD / 136 Spe  
Careful Nature  
- Bulk Up  
- Roost  
- Substitute  
- Brave Bird

This was the BW NU set that's adjusted for Gen 8 NU. So would it be against the rules if I were to post that set?
5 days ago by Porygon-Zangoose
fizz is on a BA and flag clearing spree
6 days ago by TY ™