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This takes
Jan 12 by Gladion Aether
that's it
Jan 9 by Drifty-Boy
Jan 7 by CC ℠
how old are you if you payed your corn tax and took over the world on jan 1999 and so much more
Jan 5 by SSuperiority
Post many more on my wall if you have anymore ideas
Jan 5 by PorygonZero™
Taco, how about this:
Screw the “born in 1999” crap, and how about do:

“how long has it been if you last payed your tax on Jan 1999?”
“how long has a corn been expired if it expired on Jan 1999?”
“How long did tacos rule the world if it took over the world on Jan 1999?”
and so many more
Jan 5 by PorygonZero™
yeah and that’s what we did
Jan 1 by cranpper
If i was born in January 1st 1999, i would be 22 years old.
Jan 1 by A typical glance
You know HT, your comment made a lot of sense. My question was kind of dumb
Jan 1 by GmaxWaluigi
I did all of them you just were like way faster at it
Dec 31, 2020 by cranpper