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The PokeBase community has a server on the text and voice chat platform Discord, run jointly by the mod team you're used to, and a host of other contributors. The server offers our community a meeting place beyond the confines of PokeBase, and a destination for focused conversation among regulars.

To join in, you'll need to have an email-confirmed Discord account that is older than five minutes in age. To get the best experience, make sure you run Discord through the desktop application.

Click here (or on the banner) to join the server!

Make sure to verify your Discord identity or you will be unable to post in the server. (Do this before joining the server to make sure staff verify you as soon as you join.)

Note you must follow Discord's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service as well as our own rules below.

Have fun!

image Roles

Roles on our server are devised both to help moderate it, and to increase security against unknown users who potentially don't have a PokeBase account. Each role can do everything in the ones that precede it.

  • Users with no role can view messages in the server.
  • Users with the Verified role can message any non-mod channel, change their nickname, embed links, attach files, use external emojis, use voice channels, and add reactions.
  • Users with the Announcer role can post in the #pokemon-news channel. If you're a regular on the server, you can ask us to have this role.
  • Users with the Staff role gain distinction in the users list, and retain the title if also added to Mods or Admins. They can kick, ban or change the username of anybody on the server, manage messages and roles, and use @everyone or @here.
  • Users with the Mods role can manage the server and its channels, and view the server audit log.
  • Users with the Admins role can change any permission, and bypass all permission restrictions.

The process to verify your account is outlined in its own thread. To become staff on the Discord server, you should be a regular and quality contributor to the server, and show that you'd be responsible and reasonable when dealing with people. If you are staff on PokeBase, you will get staff roles on Discord.

The current team of users with a Staff role or higher consists of Fizz, Pokemaster, Mew, Sempi, PX, KRLW890, and sumwun.

image Rules

If you're a regular on PokeBase, this area should not concern you greatly. However, we've added a few Discord-specific rules.

  1. Be kind to other people. Don't attack people personally. No bigotry. General profanities are okay if used sparingly and in good taste.
  2. No spam or abuse of @mentions. Try to keep random memes, gifs, etc. to a minimum. The server should have a conversational tone overall. (If you are joining this server looking for business (advertising, SEO services, commission, etc.) then please go away because we're not interested.)
  3. Keep the server safe and SFW. Don't distribute harmful files, shocking or graphic content, people's personal info, etc.
  4. Stay on-topic. Move conversation to a different channel if it drifts. Avoid religion, politics, etc. as this is a Pokémon server.
  5. Certain actions are banned. Don't invite bots to the server (but feel free to suggest them). Do not impersonate people. If you scam someone in the #multiplayer channel, we will probably ban you.

An exhaustive rules list is hard to make, and sometimes situations call for decisions that aren't explicitly referenced here. Please bear with us.

If something has gone amiss in the server and you think it needs our attention, or if there's simply something you need help with, please do shoot us a message or notification. An @Discord Staff mention is a good start, and a direct message is even better. Generally we'll have server DMs turned on, so this should be as simple as clicking our name and typing into the box.

image Useful resources

If you're new to Discord and want a feel for the platform, try accessing their starter's directory or reading their article for new users. You can also post a question on this thread, or on the Discord server itself.

Once again, it's a smart idea to check the Discord usernames thread both to see who else is on Discord, and to get yourself all the extra features within the server itself.

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image Frequently asked questions

How does the verification process work?

It is a manual process. There is a channel called #welcome on the server that collects the Discord-automated welcome messages for joining the server. When staff see new messages on that channel, they will check the verification thread and give the Verified role if they see the account there.

If you don't want to make your Discord name and tag public, you can ask staff on PokeBase to help you. Anything works that proves the Discord account is yours.

Why is verification needed?

Discord servers with public invite links get spammers and people who join looking for business. We want to stop those people from posting in the server at all (though they can and do still DM us asking if we own, which is funny).

Also, this system is one way we can hand out permissions to our regulars without also giving them to randoms who got our link.

I'm not verified but I should be. Help?

Please DM one of the Discord staff, we'll help you. We might've missed you (especially if you left the server then joined back soon after).

The latest revision of this FAQ is 31 December 2021.

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