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Updated 4 October, 2021 by Fizz

The Pokemon Database holds a registered server on Pokemon battling simulator Pokemon Showdown!, hosted by our admin Pokemaster himself. There, you can interact with members of the PokeBase community, including through battles, an integrated chat room and much more besides.

Click here to visit the DB server!

Please note that on the DB server, your actions come under the jurisdiction of Showdown staff, which means you must heed their rules as well as our own. Note, casual swearing is not disallowed on our server.

image Staff

The staff list on our server reflects on users with a long-term interest in our community, and those with continued participation on the server. Currently, our staff team is as follows:

Based on their positions, staff members can perform various tasks:

  • + means Voice, which can use ! commands, and talk during moderated chat.
  • % means Driver, which can also mute users, un-mute users and start tournaments.
  • @ means Moderator, which can also ban users and check for alts.
  • & means Leader, which can also permaban and promote certain positions.
  • ~ means Administrator, which can do anything.

You can also check the current staff list by typing /auth. More in-depth guides can be found via Smogon.

image Reporting users

Please follow normal reporting protocol as per our reporting system linked here. If staff members are online at the time of an incident, it would be wise to send them a private message on Showdown:


image Useful resources

If you're unsure where to get started, try typing the /help command into the chat, or accessing resources via Smogon such as the beginner's guide, user's guide or tips and tricks thread.

If you want a feel for who is who, take a look through the Showdown/PO usernames thread linked here. We also have our own list of /commands on Showdown.

We often run community tournaments that utilise our server to host battles. Check out the official tournament thread here -- feel free to submit your suggestions!

Check out a full list of servers on Showdown here.

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image Frequently asked questions

What's a FAQ?

This FAQ is where the moderation team will answer the most asked questions relating to our server. It was originally written by Sciz, but has been updated by Fizz with more recent info.

The latest revision of this FAQ is 4 October 2021.

Who is Sciz and where did he go?

Scizornician aka Sciz is a past administrator of our server, who headed projects such as Scizbot and was our main developer. Sciz left the site to focus on his own life. Most of his projects are now obsoleted.

Can you restart the server?

Yes, we can! We don't own the VPS that hosts the server, but administrators can use a command called /hotpatch that will force a restart and an update. Pokemaster also has a script that updates the server automatically on a daily basis, so the server runtime should never get extreme. This no longer works.

If you're curious how long it has been since the last restart, try typing /uptime.

Can I get a promotion?

For promotions, we're looking for people who lead by example, and show a continued interest in our community and server. Usually, they're the same people who are promoted on the main PokeBase site. We also promote on a needs basis.

If you're a good presence on the server, trustworthy and of good maturity, you'll work your way through the ranks with time. It is important you are a respected user among DB folk.

I can't post messages in the server because 'moderated chat is on'. What gives?

As a default, we enforce the most basic level of moderated chat on our server. This prevents accounts that have not been 'autoconfirmed' from posting messages. To autoconfirm your account and post messages, wait until your account is a week old, and win at least one game on the main Pokemon Showdown server.

In times where the chat becomes chaotic, we may enforce a higher level of moderated chat, such as to require Voice (+) to send messages. We only enforce this temporarily, though.

We keep the autoconfirmed policy on constantly to protect the server against spam, and abuse of alt accounts. We won't turn it off if you ask us to: just wait until your account is naturally allowed in.

Where can I discuss (e.g. make suggestions for) the server?

A number of places, in fact. Feel free to leave an answer on this thread with your feedback or suggestions, or even post a new meta thread. If you want to contact a staff member, you can do that through private message, mentioning our name on Showdown (if we're online), or our walls.

If it's an extended discussion you want, you'll get the most visibility posting a new thread.

Why was I banned?

Can you not answer that question yourself?

You probably got banned either for being a negative presence (and declining to stop when told), or as an extension of a ban you received here on PokeBase.

Feel free to discuss your ban with the person who issued it (if you're able), but do not expect staff members to annul the decisions of other staff.

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